10 year aspirations and targets presented and endorsed at Kosrae State Leadership Conference

Kosrae State Government, Department of Resources & Economic Affairs, Division of Planning

kosrae conference22nd August 2013, KOSRAE, FSM – Kosrae sector groups and representatives presented their aspirations and strategic targets that were then endorsed by the Kosrae State Leadership at the recent Kosrae State Leadership Conference.

The Leaders of Kosrae State gathered at the Rose Mackwelung Library from July 30 - 1st  August, 2013 to discuss, review and endorse the “Kosrae Strategic Development Plan 2014-2023” necessary for informing and guiding development in the State of Kosrae for the next 10 years.

The Leadership was presented the plans for 13 sector and cross-sector areas including Health, Education, Environment,   Tourism,   Fisheries,   Agriculture,   Business   &   Trade,   Energy,   Gender,   Culture,   Youth, Infrastructure and Public Safety.    Sectors received valuable and constructive feedback and recommendations from those present at the Conference.

The Kosrae Strategic Development plan will now be formalized in the coming weeks and then transmitted to the Kosrae State Legislature for further consideration.    The plan will include the inputs and recommendations from the Conference along with further details of activities, budgets, data and monitoring systems.

The Steering Committee Co-chairs of Andy George, Executive Director, Kosrae Conservation and Safety Organization (KCSO) and Steven George, Director of the Department of Resources & Economic Affairs (DREA) thanked all those who attended the Conference, the Leadership, the Steering Committee and Sector Facilitators for a job well done.   The Co-Chairs noted, “The presentations to the State Leadership were clear and outlined the vision for the next 10 years.  It was valuable for all stakeholders and leadership to hear from each sector and we appreciate the constructive and insightful contributions made by those present.”

The Conference Resolution “Endorsing the Kosrae Strategic Development Plan: 2014-2023 and requesting the Kosrae State Legislature to expedite its formal adoption of the Kosrae Strategic Development Plan” has been transmitted to the Governor of Kosrae; the Speaker of the Kosrae State Legislature; the Mayor of each Municipality; the Chief Justice of the Kosrae State Court; the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce; the President of the Kosrae Women’s Association; the Chairman of the Kosrae Council of Pastors; the President of the Kosrae Senior Citizens Association; the President of the Kosrae Youth Association; the President of the Federated States of Micronesia; and the Speaker of the Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia.

Further photos and information can be viewed at the Kosrae Strategic Development Plan Facebook Page:


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