JAN 2017

Micronesian Productions, in conjunction with a Canada Fund for Local Initiatives grant, is working to amplify the voices of women and youth in Pohnpei. In the month of December, the youth of Pohnpei are focusing on the benefits of living a drug free life. Around the holidays, when youth are out on vacation, they tend to use and abuse alcohol and tobacco and need to hear good reasons why not to use these substances. High school students from around the island in the Upward Bound program were asked to write personal statements about living a drug free life and record them for their peers. These statements were playing on 89.5FM Paradise Radio and are posted to YouTube under the Micronesian Productions channel. Around 70 UB students recorded messages for their peers to hear good reasons why not to use drugs.
In addition to the messages, Micronesian Productions was able to help sponsor the annual Holiday Hoops Basketball Tournament that COMFSM holds for high school boys and girls teams. A total of 15 teams registered for this year’s tournament including a boys and girls team from Xavier High School. At the opening ceremony on December 19th at the FSM-China Friendship Gymnasium, a video on betel nut, produced by Micronesian Productions through a
WHO grant through the FSM Tobacco Office was played, and two UB students read their statements to the crowd of over 100 youth present. Then, before the championship games were held, the UB students from PICS High School, Madolenihmw HS, and NMHS all performed songs about living a drug free live and staying away from alcohol and tobacco.
Many thanks goes out to Castro Joab and his staff at COMFSM for playing the recordings of the UB students before every game and to UB Director Diaz Joseph and his staff for coordinating the participation of the UB students in these events. The tournament was a big success in terms of being a drug free event and congratulations to SDA boy’s and PICS girl’s teams for winning both championship games. The results of the tournament were: Girls Results: Champions - PICS 2nd Place – SDA, and 3rd Place – OLMCHS. Boys Results: Champions – SDA, 2nd Place - ABC(CCA), and 3rd Place – NMHS. The video of this singing performance and some of the UB student testimonies can be seen on ICTV channel 18.

Central Union of Young Adults
December 22, 2016
Kolonia, Pohnpei—Some Kolonia Town alcohol and liquor licensees are renewing their efforts to establish responsible alcohol sales programs at their businesses in our community.
Recently, the Central Union for Young Adults of Kolonia town or CUYA has been in contact with alcohol licensees in our community to show their support for retailers who act responsibly when it comes to alcohol sales. Responsible alcohol service programs include these types of policies and procedures:

  • Information about laws and penalties
  • Information indicating the importance of avoiding sales to minors to protect the health and well-being of everyone in the community
  • An emphasis on proper management techniques and policies to encourage compliance with the law
  • Information on how to recognize false IDs Tips on how to refuse a sale safely

National research shows that these types of programs help reduce alcohol sales to underage youth. Also, these programs help protect licensees and their employees as well. In the coming weeks, CUYA or Central Union for Young Adults of Kolonia Town and the Kolonia Town Police department will be highlighting Kolonia retailers that are working to make sure these policies are consistently followed.
For more information, contact: Chief of Police, KTG at 320-2090


Persons with disabilities are entitled to be full and equal members of society, to live in dignity, to control their own lives, and to make their own choices. In fact, these values are not far from our own national Constitution, which upholds a range of rights including freedom from discrimination, and acknowledges that, just as “The seas bring us together, they do not separate us” and “Our island nation enlarges us and makes us stronger”; so too, “Our differences enrich us.” The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities or CRPD represents a radical transformation in the way we look at disability and those with physical, sensory or mental impairments. Importantly, we understand that there are challenges that arise from the social prejudices and other environmental barriers. It demands that we recognize that persons with disabilities have inalienable rights like everyone else; that they are part of the rich mosaic of humanity and human diversity; and that there is value in difference.
The FSM took and important first step towards ratifying the Convention nearly five years ago. In the September 2016 Regular Session, the 19th FSM Congress ratified the convention with an overwhelming mandate from all four states following the passing of resolutions in support of ratification.
Article 32 of the CRPD states that there are international donors who will support CRPD ratified nations financially through grants and other means. This means that a new door will be opened for support for persons with disabilities. The biggest concern from the FSM is that it will be the most expensive treaty of all, but that’s not true. The States will need to gradually make improvements using their available resources.
The function of the CRPD is to open people’s eyes, ears, and hearts, to educate them and spread awareness. The FSM will need to begin placing significance on the accessibilityof disabled persons to all public areas such as wheel chair ramps and elevators.
The CRPD ratification is such an important step for the people of the FSM as it shows that the people and its leaders put significance in the well being of everyone, including disabled persons.


Palikir, Pohnpei – A brief ceremony was held on January 9th at the President’s Office in Palikir for the swearing in of Ambassador-designate Akillino H. Susaia as the next Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) Ambassador to the United States of America. Ambassador-designate Susaia was nominated by President Christian and confirmed by the 19th FSM Congress to serve as Ambassador to the United States. He succeeds former Ambassador Asterio Takesy. Mr. Susaia will serve as the 4th FSM Ambassador to the United States since FSM became a sovereign independent Nation.
In his remark at the swearing in ceremony, Ambassador-designate Susaia expressed his heartfelt gratitude to President Christian for the confidence placed in him to serve as Ambassador to the United States. He also expressed gratitude to the members of the 19th FSM Congress for their approval of his nomination. He pledged to do his best in upholding and performing the duties of FSM Ambassador to the United States of America.
President Christian congratulated Ambassador-designate Susaia on his new assignment. He then seized the opportunity and reaffirmed the steadfast commitment of the FSM Government’s special relationship with the United States referencing the political, economic, humanitarian, security and defense ties that bond the FSM and the United States under the Compact of Free Association. In an unprecedented gesture, President Christian recognized and offered the United States Ambassador to the FSM HE Robert Riley who was present at the ceremony an opportunity to speak. He spoke briefly and said that he is delighted that there is a new FSM Ambassador to the United States because the post has been vacant for quite some time. He also said he will do his best to assist in the processing of the documents required before Ambassador-designate Susaia takes up his post in Washington D.C.
Ambassador-designate Susaia had served as Secretary of the Department of Transportation Communication & Infrastructure and the Department of Economic Affairs now Resources and Development in the FSM National Government after many years working in the Pohnpei State Government. He has also served overseas in different diplomatic posts including Consul General in the State of Hawaii and Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China.
Present at the Ceremony were some members of President’s Cabinet, senior staff of the various national government offices and agencies, Mrs. Mihpel Olter Susaia and some family members, and staff of the Department of Foreign Affairs. Mr. and Mrs. Susaia have 4 children and 9 grand kids.
For more information, please call the Department of Foreign Affairs at (691) 320- 2544.

By Bill Jaynes
The Kaselehlie Press
January 13, 2016
Pohnpei, FSM—Deetor Lebehn, has plead “not guilty” to charges related to the alleged theft of over $13,000 from the Mwoakilloa government while he served as treasurer there.
A May letter to Chief Magistrate Mason Henry from the Office of the Public Auditor said that Henry visited the office of OPA in February asking them to look into why there was only $85 in the Mwoakilloa operating account at the Bank of the FSM. He wanted to know also why there was on $7 in its project account at the same bank. He told the auditor that vendors were calling seeking payment for outstanding bill the government simply didn’t have the money to pay.
Pohnpei OPA conducted a complete review of financial transactions from fiscal year 2013 through the first quarter of fiscal year 2016. According to OPA’s management report, over $11,000 of total were for 60 checks written to the treasurer. $4,126.48 was for “salary purposes”. $3,656.70 was for travel reimbursements. $1,412.00 was for car repair reimbursement, and $1,158.15 was for “other expenses”. In addition to those checks there was one for $3,000 for Lebehn to participate in a Nigerian internet scam. As happens in those cases, that money was totally lost.
There were several other problems at the municipality including employee charges for fuel that were never repaid and several other irregularities but Lebehn’s alleged offenses were sufficient for OPA to recommend prosecution.
The government filed a criminal information at the court listing 40 separate charges for individual acts many of them similar but for different instances of alleged criminal activity.
Prosecutors say that a trial date has not yet been set and that there is some consideration for a change of venue because most of the witnesses are in Mwoakilloa.
Lebehn has pled “not guilty” and is considered to be innocent unless proven to be otherwise.

coral reefs

A study from Kosrae was just published examining how reefs and fishes may have changed over a longer period of time that we typically can observe in our lifetimes. Historical baseline data from Kosrae was used to examine changes in fish and coral assemblages since 1986 to present day. This historical dataset was collected by the Army Corps of Engineers for all FSM states, however, many historical reports get lost over the years or data become unavailable as computers die out. In Kosrae, a copy of the report and all datasets were preserved with both Katrina Adams, from the Kosrae Village Resort, and the Kosrae Conservation and Safety Organization (KCSO), prompting the study.


December 31 2016
Majuro, Marshall Islands—Growing global market demand for MSC-certified tuna and fishing industry interest is expected to see “wild catch” tuna tonnage double from the waters of the Parties to the Nauru Agreement in 2017.
The Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) operates a Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified free school caught skipjack and yellowfin tuna fishery in the western and central Pacific fishing zones of its member nations.
In 2016, tuna fishing fleets complying with strict chain of custody rules that met MSC certification requirements delivered over 55,000 metric tons of sustainably caught free school tuna to market, said PNA CEO Ludwig Kumoru. “We expect the volume to double to about 100,000 metric tons in 2017 based upon existing orders,” he said. “With strong fishing industry buy-in for PNA’s MSC-certified fishery, we see the market for sustainably caught tuna continuing to grow. This benefits everyone — the fisheries industry, retailers, and PNA members. Most importantly, catching tuna without using fish aggregating devices (FADs) means tuna are being fished sustainably.”

By Bill Jaynes
The Kaselehlie Press
January 3, 2016
Palikir, FSM—A former employee of the FSM Division of Immigration and Customs is scheduled to be arraigned on March 14 on National Government charges relating to the alleged withholding of the administrator password for the FSM’s Machine Readable Passport system. That system is required in order to print and issue passports which the FSM cannot currently do.
The criminal action information on the charges filed on December 21 by the Department of Justice allege that he was the only holder of the password and that he now refuses to release it after his employment was terminated. Affidavits accompanying the information on the criminal action say that at the time that all of the employees were locked out of the system, there were approximately 100 passport applications waiting to be processed.

ulithi 01

By Katlyn Murray
The community of Ulithi stands vigilantly against the threat of natural disaster. The atoll in Yap State faced significant damage in the wake of Super Typhoon Maysak, with nearly all the homes, agriculture, and public infrastructure destroyed or significantly damaged. Since April 2015, the community has been rebuilding with the materials that they had on hand along with help from international aid organizations.
On December 22, 2016, a water spout turned tornado ripped through the island, tearing apart over 20 newly repaired homes and cook houses along its path. “It sounded like a jet was flying low over the island. Luckily, we had been warned that Typhoon Nock-ten could be headed in our direction so we were prepared for a potential disaster. If we hadn’t received warning about Nock-ten, this tornado would have claimed lives on Falalop,” said local resident Jon Rumal Jr.
A non-profit organization based in Guam, Micronesian Conservation Coalition, has stepped in to raise funds for the community. The organization primarily works on marine conservation and research in Yap, Pohnpei, and Guam, but is also concerned with supporting Micronesian communities and local culture.

FSMTC had bought backup bandwidth and taken other steps to minimize the impact

On December 28, 2016, at exactly 19:45 and at the direction of the CS Dependable, the submarine fiber optic cable repair ship, FSM Telecommunications Corporation (FSMTC) disconnected power from Segment 4 of the HANTRU1 Branching Unit to Pohnpei Terminal Station by putting their Power Feed Equipment in the short circuit position after ramping voltage and amperes down to zero

fiber 01.
Pohnpei, FSM—The fiber optic line that provides data and voice service to the FSM was as “offline” as it could get as of 7:45 on December 28. The branch that services the Marshall Islands also had to be turned off. Fiber optic service to the two nations will remain offline until the owners of the HANTRU1 cable that stretches across the ocean floor from Guam to Kwajalein, Marshall Islands is able to finalize repairs to the cable.
The estimated date for completion of repairs has changed several times since the project began as new faults were found. At press time, the ship’s schedule listed the completion date for repairs as January 18, but a spokesperson for Truestone, one of the owners of the cable provided a different date in an email to FSMTC. “There were a number of technical challenges locating the fault,” he wrote. “We have now found the fault and have started the process of making the repair. The current schedule shows the repair complete between 1/21 and 1/24. The later date includes contingencies due to bad weather or other unexpected circumstances.” By press time, FSMTC was unable to ascertain which of the dates is actually correct.

registration fee

By Bill Jaynes
The Kaselehlie Press
January 11, 2017
Pohnpei, FSM—A law tripling the registration fee for most vehicle owners from $10 to $30 in Pohnpei is now in effect. Owners of heavier vehicles will pay a higher registration fee.
The Pohnpei State Legislature sent the bill to Governor Marcelo Peterson for his consideration but the he vetoed the bill and attached a letter explaining his objections.
“The increase in fees for most, if not all, is more than three-fold; a concern shared by our citizens, more so for the unemployed and those with meager resources. The bill no doubt will have a substantial impact on current and future owners of motor vehicles,” the Governor’s letter said.
“In the alternative, I take this opportunity to recommend proposed legislation to increase sales tax on items such as alcohol and tobacco that have a negative impact on the health and welfare of our people. Similarly, proposed legislation to increase the penalties and fines for criminal offenses, namely for repeat offenders may be appropriate as well,” the letter concluded. In mid-December, the Legislature overturned the Governor’s rejection of the bill and the new law took effect on January 1, 2017.

By Bill Jaynes The Kaselehlie Press December 23, 2016 Pohnpei, FSM—

On December 6, Young Sun International Trading Company attorney, Joseph Phillip filed a reply to opposition to dissolve the TRO against a sea cucumber harvest in Pohnpei. In it, he claimed that the Mwoalen Wahu Ileiele en Pohnpei, a sort of council of Pohnpei’s traditional paramount leaders no longer exists as a group and should not have legal standing to file a legal action against the harvest plan. In September of this year, the FSM Supreme Court ruled that the Mwoalen Wahu (the group of Pohnpei’s highest traditional leaders) has legal standing to file a civil action against Pohnpei’s planned sea cucumber harvest. A temporary restraining order has been in place since the Conservation Society of Pohnpei (CSP) and the Mwoalen Wahu Ileiele en Pohnpei filed suit at the FSM Supreme Court.

In its September ruling the court decided that CSP did not have legal standing to file a civil action against the harvest but that the Mwoalen Wahu did. But Phillip says that the Mwoalen Wahu is a fictitious group that, if it ever did exist was disbanded by its chairman, the paramount chief of the Kingdom of Sokehs, Herculano Kohler before the law suit requesting a TRO against the planned sea cucumber harvest was filed. He further argues that even if the Mwoalen Wahu existed, Nett’s Iso Nahnken Salvador Iriarte would not have the traditional standing to represent the entire group of Pohnpei’s paramount chiefs with the exception of perhaps the paramount chief of Nett. He argues that though the court ruled that the Mwoalen Wahu had legal standing to bring suit against the sea cucumber harvest, it did so with the absence of evidentiary matters that tended to dispute the Mwoalen Wahu’s legitimacy as a plaintiff. While admitting that the Pohnpei Constitution does uphold, respect, and protect the customs of the traditional kingdoms of Pohnpei, but that there is nothing the Constitution concerning the customs and traditions of the Mwoalen Wahu that would require respect and protection. “...since plaintiff does not exist, and enjoys not protection under the Constitution,” the TRO should be dissolved, Young Sun’s argument says. Young Sun’s attorney claims that a letter dated April 8 written by Sokehs Paramount Chief Herculano Kohler to Pohnpei Governor Marcelo Peterson informed the Governor that the Mwoalen Wahu had been dissolved. Phillip claimed that “The communique dissolving the de facto organization represented five out of the 7 traditional kingdoms in Pohnpei.” “On or about October 2016, the paramount traditional chief of the Kingdom of Sokehs confirmed by affidavit the dissolution of the de facto organization. Both the letter and affidavit have been submitted by Young Sun as exhibits and are made part of the record of the matter,” the filing said. We were not privy to that letter.

Civil action asks court to require State to remove trespassers from the zero dollar leased land

By Bill Jaynes The Kaselehlie Press December 22, 2016 Pohnpei, FSM—

In May of this year, the registrar of the State Land Registry recorded a 55 year lease between Pohnpei State and Kolonia Town for three properties commonly known as the “Public Market”. At that time, and for quite some time before that, “squatters” had occupied the land. But Kolonia Town has sworn in a court document that it wasn’t aware that trespassers were occupying the land when it entered into the Commercial Lease Agreements for the three properties. In August of this year, The Kaselehlie Press attempted to contact the Kolonia Town mayor for comments on what was happening with plans to renovate and re-open the Public Market. Mayor San Nicolas said at that time that he could not comment and instructed us to speak with his Administrative Assistant Jack Jack.

muslimsThe members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, whose motto is “Love for All Hatred for None”, launched various programs this year to help welcome the new year by giving back. One special program this year themed “Beautify Kosrae” was launched in which Muslims volunteered their time and provided materials to paint 6 homes scheduled to be completed before January 1st as a welcome to all those visiting this year on the occasion of the fourth year anniversary program which calls many Kosraean’s back to their homes for this holiday season. Similarly, the Ahmadiyya Muslims of Kosrae received nearly 100 outfits of Indian style garments for women which were sent by their Muslim counterparts residing in southern California to bring cheers this year to the Kosraeans belonging to all faiths. They have been sorted and scheduled to be distributed throughout Kosrae.

For these programs this year the community focused their effort solely in the municipality of Malem, where the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is currently based. Many of those who were selected were neighbors, widows, and people of all faiths. “We hope to expand this program to help further beautify Kosrae in the coming years”, says the Religious Minister of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of FSM Imam Kauser. “The Ahmadiyya Community has already been providing food services to the state prison every Friday as a way to support rehabilitation for those in need. We will continue to find ways to help humanity, as our belief is simply to serve God and to serve people of all faiths”.

Nadi, Fiji 11 December 2016:

As the dust settles from the flurry of final-day actions of the 13th Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission annual meeting in Fiji, it is clear the Parties to the Nauru Agreement made solid gains by achieving the majority of goals they set out to accomplish during the five-day session. “All PNA members and PNA Office staff worked day and night over the past two weeks to secure numerous positive outcomes for our fishery,” said Ludwig Kumoru reflecting on the outcomes the day after the WCPFC meeting finished Friday. “PNAO members and staff worked closely with other members of the Forum Fisheries Agency and their staff to produce good results. As FFA Deputy Director Wez Norris said Friday night, the meeting produced ‘unspectacular but positive progress.’ Our hard work paid off.”

For all PNA members, adoption of the observer safety measure was the highlight of the long and sometimes tedious grind of the 5-9 December annual meeting. The observer safety measure was a victory for all fisheries observers who place their lives on the line every time they go to sea, and an important development in the evolution of WCPFC. “The result demonstrates the power we have as a united force to get policy measures at the WCPFC,” said Mr. Kumoru. “We were not going to walk away from WCPFC 13 without a measure to protect our observers.” Passage of this measure will immediately improve the situation for fisheries observers. Mr. Kumoru said PNA didn’t get everything it hoped for. “But we accomplished the majority of our pre- WCPFC goals,” he said. Among the important accomplishments for PNA members from the WCPFC annual meeting:

• PNA positions are well reflected in the WCPFC Chair’s text on the Bridging Tropical Tuna Conservation and Management Measure (CMM), which will help drive the process in 2017.

• Good progress was made on developing the skipjack tuna Harvest Strategy.

• Action was taken to fix the Japanese CMM on Charters, data provisions in CMM for Rays, and the Emergency Rule standards to include NAF (North Atlantic Fisheries Format for data reporting).

• A positive outcome was achieved for PNA members with the exemption from the high seas FAD closure.

• The Japanese capacity management proposal and the United States proposal for more high seas fishing days were both blocked.

• Clarification was gained that vessel day scheme (VDS) obligations are collective with the PNA region, blocking European Union and United States attempts to have them assessed as individual Parties Allowed Effortlevel obligations.

• A request was registered for next year’s bigeye tuna assessment to take under-reporting into account.

• All of the FAD Intercessional Working Group recommendations were included and WCPFC participation in the FAO FAD meeting was blocked.

On the downside, no penalty for the United States longline fleet’s non-compliance with catch limits was assessed. “Holding WCPFC members to account for violations of fishing limits will continue to be high on PNA’s agenda,” said Mr. Kumoru. “Many of the developments in PNA’s favor coming out of the WCPFC annual meeting are building blocks for improving conservation and management in-zone and on the high seas,” he said. “These are good outcomes and our members should take pride in a job well done at WCPFC 13.”

By Bill Jaynes, The Kaselehlie Press December 16, 2016 Pohnpei, FSM—

The Pohnpei State Hospital today held a short and small ceremony to open its new telemedicine unit at the hospital. The telemedicine service will allow for consultation with experts through the Pacific Basin Telehealth Resouce Center at the University of Hawaii Manoa Medical Center. The service will help to eliminate some of the current need for expensive medical referrals. It could also allow for quicker access to medical treatment than might currently be available in Pohnpei. Dr. Payne Perman, who spearheaded the efforts to get telemedicine to Pohnpei said that the teleconferencing system relies on VDSL technology which provides 10 Mbps data transmission for crystal clear video and audio simultaneous transmission. Indeed, talking with an expert at UH Manoa over the system was like having a conversation with her in the same room.


02 JAN, 2017

The Global Greengrants Fund, administered by the Pacific Advisory Council, has funded five more community projects in the Micronesian region. The Oumoar Community Group (Sokehs, Pohnpei), the Chuuk Women’s Council, the Senpehn Connection Sensation (Madolenihmw, Pohnpei), the UFO Conservation Society (Fefan, Chuuk), and Waa’gey (Yap) all received $5,000 grants to implement their community projects. The Oumoar Community Group will create a Task Force from members of the four coastal communities in the Palikir area to oversee the protection of the new Palikir Pass Marine Protected Area through educational meetings, public awareness radio programs, building a monitoring station and using telescopes to observe the MPA.

Congress Public Informatio Office PALIKIR, POHNPEI. December 21. 2016 –

Congress has during its recent Special Session confirmed Susaia as Ambassador for the Washington Embassy and Hainrick to maintain his post as National Public Auditor The President had called for special session highlighting the need for the Congress to address certain nomination pending before the Body. The Nineteenth Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia convened its Seventh Special Session and adopted Congressional Resolution (CR) 19-318 to confirm Akillino Susaia to be FSM’s Ambassador Plenipotentiary to the United States of America in Washington, D.C. Susaia had previously held important positions for the Nation including FSM Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, Secretary for the national department of Transportation, Communications and Infrastructure and also the post of Secretary for the national department of Economic Affairs. Another adopted nomination was CR 19- 328 which confirmed Haser Hainrick to serve as the Public Auditor for the Nation. As reflected in his resolution, Hainrick had served the same position in previous administrations and therefore possess the requisite qualifications.


By Bill Jaynes The Kaselehlie Press FSM
Cary Lee Peterson has filed an LD-1 form with the US Secretary of the Senate to disclose a “new” lobbying client, “American Friends of Micronesia”. An LD-1 form is used by lobbying firms to register clients. The Lobbying Disclosure Act requires the form to be filed with the Secretary of the Senate within 45 days of either the hiring date of a lobbyist to make a lobbying contact or when a lobbyist makes a second lobbying contact. Peterson created the committee by filing an FEC Form-1 with the Federal Election Commission in July of last year. It has been in existence since that time. Peterson is listed on that form as the Treasurer with the title Chief Director. The form also lists fictitious bank information, listing Bank FSM in San Francisco. There seems to be no basis to the claim on the LD-1 form that “American Friends of Micronesia” has hired Peterson to lobby on their behalf unless Peterson himself hired himself to lobby for the committee. Peterson claims on the form that he has been hired by “American Friends of Micronesia” to lobby on the issues of “bilateral affairs between the US and Micronesian Islands regarding reform of Trans-Pacific Partnership,

By Bill Jaynes The Kaselehlie Press December 20, 2016 Pohnpei, FSM
During their arraignment this morning, Eric Elias and Ruthie Hadley pled not guilty to all charges related to over $123,000 that went missing from the Pohnpei Supreme Court between 2010 and 2014. The trial on the 60 counts the Pohnpei State Attorney General’s office has filed against them at the court is scheduled to begin in March of next year. The AG’s office alleges 12 counts for each year: Criminal Conspiracy; Criminal Solicitation; Fraudulent Destruction, Removal or Concealment of Instruments; Grand Larceny; Embezzlement; Theft by Failure to make Required Disposition of Funds Received; Cheating; Forgery; Concealment, Removal or Alteration of Records or Proceeds; Misconduct in Public Office; Compounding a Crime; and, Use of State Property. The accused are innocent unless proven otherwise in court.

anti corruption

anti corruption 02PASAI Secretariat
Acknowledging the importance of joining efforts in the FSM and worldwide in the fight against corruption, Pohnpei Office of the State Public Auditor (OSPA) lead the way in their state in activities on International Anti-Corruption day on 9 December 2016. The UN 2016 Theme was “United Against Corruption for development, peace and security”. The theme for the FSM Pohnpei OSPA this year was “TEAM UP AGAINST CORRUPTION.” The FSM Pohnpei OSPA lead the following campaign activities in marking this significant International day: 1. Essay Contest among the High Schools (private/public) 2. Float/Parade Contest between Youth Groups Their programme for the day included a float parade down the main streets of Pohnpei, followed by a short ceremony.