Filipino Community in Pohnpei celebrates 120th Independence Day

 MG 0611By The United Filipino community

June 17, 2018

Kolonia, Pohnpei FSM- Filipinos in Pohnpei celebrated the 120th anniversary of Philippines independence, marking the day with presentations, messages, and traditional Filipino games from each regional organization. To remind the Filipino community of the precious heritage of Filipinos, the regional organization hosted games and sold Filipino cuisine. Tickets were given to those who won the games and were then used to spin a wheel to go a chance to win a variety of prices. Among the games played during the event were “sipa”, “tumbang preso”, “luksong tinik”, “piko” and “luksong lubid”. Children commonly play these traditional games before they got occupied with today’s modern technologies. Organizers of the event wanted to remind Filipinos of the rich culture and tradition they have that is in danger of being forgotten because of the fast changing technology. Aside from the games, a variety of Filipino foods were sold by each regional organization. The style of cooking and the food associated with Filipino cuisine have evolved over many centuries to a mix Indian, Chinese, Spanish and American influence. During the event, each regional organization showcased each unique cuisine from their region.