Vital and Nauru Airlines tournament attracts record number of anglers

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June 9, 2018

Pohnpei—The Vital Fishing Tournament, co-sponsored by Nauru Airlines attracted a record number of boats for any Pohnpei Fishing Tournament in its 25 years of existence.  46 boat owners and their crews signed up for the tournament during which many big fish were landed including four qualifying marlin.  Eleven Yellow Fin tuna, all over 60 pounds placed for prizes in the tournament.

Vital’s (Micronesia Petroleum Corporation) fuel vouchers for all participating boats and the possibility of scoring round trip tickets on Nauru Airlines were the big draws for anglers.  Colorful fluorescent yellow Vital T-Shirts provided to each angler were added draws.

In the “Big Fish” category, Mary Tretnoff scored a huge marlin at 329 pounds and took the top prize of a round trip ticket on Nauru Airlines and $200 in fuel vouchers from Vital.

Shambhu Prasad also landed a good sized marlin at 178.5 pounds.  That catch earned him the second place prize of a round trip ticket on Nauru Airlines and $100 in fuel vouchers from Vital. MG 0355

Third place in the big fish category again went to Mary Tretnoff with another marlin of 171 pounds.  She earned another $240 fuel voucher for that catch.

Rodney Phillip earned a $220 fuel voucher for his fourth place catch of a 110.5 pound marlin.

Hilarko David won the fifth place prize of a $200 fuel voucher for his monster 92 pound yellowfin tuna. tuna.

Daunte Peterson was just behind scoring a $180 fuel voucher for a 91 pound yellowfin tuna.

Mary Tretnoff also took seventh and 9thth places for 87 pound and 81 pound yellowfin tunas.  She took home $160 and $120 fuel vouchers for those catches.

In between, at eighth place Westcott Panuelo won a $140 fuel voucher for his 86 pound yellowfin tuna.

Oliver Hawley caught the 10th biggest fish, a 76.5 pound yellowfin tuna for a prize of a $100 fuel voucher.

The top two lady angler prizes for fish that had not been awarded another prize went to Mary Tretnoff for yet another large yellowfin tuna at 72 pounds.  She earned a $100 fuel voucher for that catch. The second place lady angler prize of a $40 fuel voucher went to Gina Becker for a 68 pound yellowfin tuna.

 MG 0200Falcam Hadley and Isaiah Hawley won the top two junior angler prizes of $100 and $40 fuel vouchers for their catches of a 64.5 pound yellowfin tuna and a 29.5 pound barracuda.

Prizes were also awarded for the biggest fish caught of each species that had not won a prize in another category.  First and second place prizes were $100 and $40 fuel vouchers.

Snyther Biza caught and 18 pound skipjack tuna for first place.  Second place was a tie between Samuel Thomas and Nick Gilmete who each caught 17.5 pound examples of the species.

Trumaine Penias landed a 74.5 pound yellowfin tuna for first place of the species.  Mary Tretnoff scored yet another prize for her second place winning 67.5 pound yellowfin tuna.

Jojo Hentrick caught the only mahi mahi of the day at 32.5 pounds for first place.

Thomas Inatos’ 25.5 pound wahoo earned him first prize followed by Konrad Englberger with a 23.5 pound fish. MG 0360

True to form, Konrad Englberger landed the largest barracuda at 34.5 pounds for first place.  Second place went to partner and boat mate Esperanza Guiuan with a 23.5 pound barracuda.

The biggest giant trevally was landed by Rodney Phillip, a seven pound fish.  Berno Hedson’s six pound grand trevally earned her second place in the category.

The weigh in and awards ceremony was a lot of fun.  Vital put on food and beer for all the anglers.  Additionally they were rocked by the sounds from Chris Johnson who served as DJ.  It was a great event.

Every boat that registered and attended the weigh in and awards, also received free gas from Vital.  That made for a lot of really happy fishermen.

We want to thank all the staff of Vital who helped out, along with the all of the regular Fishing Club helpers, Tina, Praise, Bill, Cel, Paul and Ansper, along with all of Kumer’s guys.

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