Micronesian Games Council selects RMI as host for the 10th Micronesian Games

By Senator Aurelio Joab

July 22, 2018

Yap—The Micronesian Games Council (MGC) held its regular meeting at noon today. Among the many items and issues discussed during the meeting, two important matters were resolved by the Council including the review and approval of the bids submitted by island states/nations who are willing to host the 10th Micronesian Games in 2022.

Mr. Terry Slasher, Secretary General of the Marshall Islands National Olympic Committee, submitted a bid on behalf of RMI to host the next Micro Games in Majuro in 2022. Mr. Sasher gave a comprehensive presentation on how the RMI has been preparing to host the Games. They plan to construct a competition venue for athletics (track and field) on a manmade landfill within the Majuro Lagoon that will include parking spaces, concession areas, grandstand and other required sporting facilities. It is expected that this major infrastructure will cost around $7.5 million. Other competition venues will include basketball gymnasium, beach volleyball, fast-pitch softball fields for both men and women, lawn tennis courts, Micronesian All Around, spear fishing, swimming pool, table tennis, canoe racing, indoor volleyball gym, weightlifting, and wrestling facilities. Altogether, the RMI is expecting to spend $12 million for all of the facilities.

The second and final agenda item discussed was the reorganization of the Micronesian Games Council. Terry Sasher of RMI was elected Treasurer, Joey Miranda II of Guam was elected Secretary General, and Aurelio P. Joab of Pohnpei was elected President, replacing Bill Keldermans, a US national who has been living in Palau for the past 50 years. Keldermans served as President of the Council for the past three Micro Games. The first President, Bill Sakovich is also an American who earlier resided in Saipan and now lives in Hawaii. Sakovich served as President from 1990 until Keldermans took over in 2006. Joab is the third President and the first Micronesian ever elected to the post of the Presidency of the Micronesian Games Council.

Aurelio has previously served as President of the Pohnpei Basketball Association and President of the FSM Basketball Federation. He is currently President of the

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