Pohnpei Public Library Rocks in 2018

The Pohnpei Public Library celebrated the end of this year’s annual Summer Reading Program (SRP) on July 13, 2018. Head Librarian Mr. Lester Ezekias welcomed all in attendance at the closing celebration and thanked participants, volunteers and parents for their contributions and assistance during the four-week program. In line with the theme for this year’s SRP “Libraries Rock,” three health-related children’s songs were performed by the SRP participants. Group 1 which was comprised of K5-2nd graders sang a song entitled “Wash Your Hands”; Group 2 comprised of 3rd-5th graders sang “Suke Laud Kahrehda Ngih Rongala” (too much sugar causes tooth decay); and Group 3 consisted of 6th-8th graders who sang a song entitled “Pohnpei Lingan”. All the songs were taught by Mr. Alanso Jimina, retired Music Specialist for the Pohnpei Department of Education.

Several participants noted that their favorite part of the SRP this year was the activities, which were designed by the Collaborative Summer Library Program out of Iowa, USA and organized during the SRPby volunteers and PPL staff. The kids learned songs, made crafts and enjoyed other fun and educational activities. The Program this year was funded by the FSM National Archives, Cultural and Historic Preservation Office (FSM NACH) through a grant from the Institute of Museums and Library Services (IMLS). The continued success of the Summer Reading Program would not be possible without the involvement and contributions of volunteers, parents, participants and generous donors.

The Friends of the Pohnpei Public Library would like to thank the IMLS, FSM NACH, Australian Embassy-Pohnpei, Kaselehlie Press, V6AH Radio and the Pohnpei Fishing Club for all their generous support. Special appreciation goes out to the following individuals for their involvement during the four-week program: Alanso Jimina, LJ Gamow and Telyla Liwy.

All the participants received certificates and prizes presented by the staff and volunteers. Head Librarian Mr. Ezekias also handed out certificates to the contributors and volunteers for this year on behalf of the Friends of the Pohnpei Public Library.


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