Japan provides a street sweeper to Chuuk

Embassy of Japan in the FSM

September 25, 2018

asdfaChuuk—During a ceremony at the Chuuk Transportation and Public Works office, Ambassador Ryoichi Horie turned over the keys to a new street sweeper to Chuuk government officials. The ceremony was held on September 25, 2018.

The street sweeper was provided to Chuuk under an Economic and Social Development Program (FY2015) grant from the Japanese government. The provided equipment will be used for cleaning up the roads in Chuuk State.

In his address, His Excellency Ryoichi Horie, the Ambassador of Japan stated that the street sweeper would profit the people of Chuuk through the improvement of road conditions. He encouraged the department staff to conduct proper care and maintenance in order for the equipment to last as long as possible.

Mr. Tos Nakayama, Director of Transportation and Public Works, acknowledged the generous grant and the variety of continuous support of Japan to the FSM. He also emphasized that the provided equipment would maintain the cleanliness of the roads.

The ceremony was witnessed by the staff of Chuuk State Government, the Chuuk Transportation and Public Works and the Embassy of Japan.

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