Japan provides a school bus to St. Cecilia School to aid student safety and attendance

Embassy of Japan to the FSM

September 25, 2018

dfdf 5Chuuk—The Japanese government provided a school bus at a cost of $31,380 to the St. Cecilia School in Chuuk. Japan’s Ambassador Ryoichi Horie handed over the keys to the school during a ceremony on September 25.

The Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects provided the funds to procure the bus which will be used to improve student attendance and to provide safety for students.

In his address, His Excellency Ambassador Horie said that the school is important for the future and was glad to support the young lives of boys and girls. He added that he was impressed by the beautiful voices of the students when they sang.

Ambassador Horie and Madam also sang some songs during the ceremony.

Mr. Angelino Rosokow, Chief of Staff of Chuuk State Government expressed his deepest gratitude to Ambassador Horie and the people of Japan for their continuous support.

The Honorable Jessie William, Representative of the House of Senate and Chairman of the Board St. Cecilia School and Rev. Rosendo Rudolph showed their genuine appreciation saying that the provided bus would allow all students to appear in school on time.

Mr. Anselmo Daniel from the ODA Office also conveyed his sincere appreciation for the generous donation.

The ceremony was witnessed by the staff of Chuuk State Government and Chuuk ODA Office, the board members of St. Cecilia School, teachers, and students, along with Embassy staff members.

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