Key Programs Funded in 20th Congress’ Sixth Special Session

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Palikir, Pohnpei—As a result of the Sixth Special Session of the Twentieth Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia, held this past November 13th to 17th, many programs, projects, and activities—both ongoing and new—will receive funding. While all funded projects, programs, and activities are worthy of reporting, a couple in particular may have the widest-range appeal.

For example, the Congress has both approved and accepted a non-project grant from the Government of Japan in the amount of two hundred million Japanese Yen, which is equivalent to roughly 1.8 million United States Dollars, for the promotion of economic and social development programs. The result of mutual discussions on May 28th, 2018, between the FSM Department of Foreign Affairs and the Japanese Embassy in Kolonia, this is another extraordinary example of the friendship between our two nations.

Meanwhile, the FSM Congress has also approved and accepted a grant in the amount of $85,000 from the United Nations’ Environment Programme to fund the “Renewal of Institutional Strengthening” that will, to quote Congressional Resolution No. 20-146, “…operate an effective and well organized National Ozone Unit (NOU) to support the country’s compliance with the control measures and other obligations under the Montreal Protocol….” Building our country’s refrigeration and air-conditioning servicing technicians’ capacity under the HCFC Phase-out Management Plan is another component of the grant, which emphasizes our country’s dedication to identifying and fighting climate change.

Many more programs, projects, and activities were approved and/or accepted by the FSM Congress, including $250,000 from the United States’ Department of Health and Human Services to assist our nation in the Opioid State Targeted Response Project.

To learn more about these recent resolutions, and more, citizens may visit the Congress of the FSM website at

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