Four arrested in conjunction with illegal dredging in Sokehs

By Bill Jaynes

The Kaselehlie Press 

December 7, 2018

Pohnpei—On Saturday, December 1, 2018, police arrested four men on charges of illegal dredging in Danpei, Sokehs.  Arrested were Abraham Sohs, John Sog, Jose San Nicolas, and Juan San Nicolas.

The charges were not actually filed by the prosecutor’s office until the next day.  All four were charged with four counts each of Criminal Conspiracy in violation of 61 PC 4-102, Accessories in violation of 61 PC 1-111, and Compound a Crime in violation of 61 PC 10-121.

The San Nicolases were additionally charged with eight charges each of Conditions for Mining or Dredging in violation of 42 PC 9-102(1), and four charges each of Contrator’s License in violation of 42 PC 9-102(A)

Jose San Nicolas was also additionally charged with Obstruction of Justice in violation of 61 PC 10-152, and Misconduct in Public Office in violation of 61 PC 10-112.

They four were arrested on Saturday and released on bail the following afternoon but they were initially arrested at police initiative after they crossed a police barricade and continued to dredge.  Arrests were made again and a search warrant executed after the court issued the warrants.  Bail was once again posted.

VCS has announced that until further notice they will no longer be selling sand.

All of the men are merely accused and are presumed to be innocent unless found to be otherwise in a court of law.

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