Parisi fled FSM jurisdiction now the subject of international law enforcement dragnet

By Bill Jaynes

The Kaselehlie Press

December 3, 2018

PHOTO OF JOSEPH PARISIPohnpei—The hunt is on for Joe Parisi, an American who has apparently fled the FSM.  On February 8, 2017, the FSM government charged Joe Parisi, an American with 13 counts related to human trafficking.  He was initially jailed based on those charges but later released on the basis of conditions of release pending trial, which is still in the stage of court motions.

However, since then, the FSM received witness statements accusing him of, among other things, paying for sex with a minor and also for buying drinks for a female who was under the legal drinking age of 21.  The Department of Justice filed a motion to revoke Parisi’s bail for violation of the release conditions.  He was due to appear at a hearing on that matter on November 27, but he never showed up.  No one had seen or heard from him for some days.

The hearing continued in his absence but Chief Justice Yamase did not issue an order to revoke bail.

Meanwhile, on November 30, the Pohnpei Supreme Court issued a warrant to arrest Joe Parisi based on charges brought by the Pohnpei State Government on charges of pandering, prostitution, and providing alcohol to a minor.  More charges may yet be forthcoming.  When he could not be found, the Attorney General’s office printed wanted posters and distributed them to all of Pohnpei’s law enforcement entities.

But Joe Parisi is no longer on the island and he now will face additional criminal charges of “flight” and “bail jumping” at the National Government.  He was spotted in Manila, Philippines but may have continued his flight from there.  He is now being sought by the FSM Department of Justice, FBI, Interpol, Homeland Security and even Italian law enforcement entities in a cooperative law enforcement effort.  Though at press time he had not yet been found, the net has tightened with authorities having frozen his financial assets and flags placed on any legitimate passports he may hold which will severely limit his ability to travel.

A DOJ source says that when he is found he will be extradited to the FSM.  They say they are confident that he will be found.

At press time it was unclear how Parisi managed to get off island when his passport was being held by the court.  Parisi has dual citizenship in the United States and Italy.

One fishing company owner said that he had heard a rumor that Parisi had asked a few of his vessel captains to transport him.  He said that when he heard that rumor, whether it was true or not, he gave instructions to his crews that they should not even consider the possibility of transporting him against the law.

No charges have currently been filed against anyone else in the flight of Joe Parisi, but FSM National Police are investigating how he left the island and if he was assisted in any way, and charges may yet be filed.

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