1st Annual GEAR UP Science Fair and Expo 2012

KOLONIA, Pohnpei, April/May, 2012 — The GEAR UP-Pohnpei program (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs) housed at COM-FSM Pohnpei campus and addressing student academic outcomes announces that it will hold its 1st annual Science Fair and Expo 2012 at the Pohnpei Campus gymnasium on May 19, 2012, from 2-4pm.

The Science Fair and Expo 2012 is funded from the Direct Aid Program of the Australian Embassy in Pohnpei and allows over 360 8th graders from Saladak, Sekere, Awak, Nett, Kolonia, and Ohmine schools to participate in the science research project. Currently, students are doing literature and internet research during GEAR UP computer classes on Pohnpei campus on Saturdays and during its after-school program Mondays through Fridays. The Australian funded “Middle School Science Program and Expo” will allow the students “hands-on” research and to feel like “real scientists”, as they will be able to test their theoretical hypothesis. Student groups will compete against their classmates at the school science fair.  They will present their projects and answer a variety of questions posed by two judges; their teacher and an outside volunteer judge.  The top performing groups from each classroom will advance to the Expo. It is estimated that 100 students with the best research projects will compete in a science fair expo on May 19, 2012. At the expo event, judges will go from group to group posing questions and listening to remarks.  Students will be judged according to their ability to effectively communicate and present their science projects.  Once completed, the team of judges will determine the top three science projects.  Students will receive a variety of awards and prizes.

Mark the date on your calendar and support the young Pohnpeian scientists!

GEAR UP program is funded by the US Department of Education and aims at preparing students to enter and succeed in the post-secondary education. If you would like to know more about GEAR UP program, please visit us at Pohnpei Campus or call at 320-3795.


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