The Global Green-Grants Fund (GGF) provides grants to five new communities in Micronesia

Micronesian Conservation Trust

The Micronesia representative on the GGF Pacific Islands Advisory Board, William Kostka, worked with five communities in Micronesia to successfully secure five grants to the GGF. The grants, which are approximately $5,000 each, are to support communities with their sustainable development, food security, conservation and climate adaptation and resilience efforts.

The successful grantees include:

  • Nimpal Channel Marine Conservation Area - funding to support management of the Nimpal Channel Marine Conservation Area in Yap by purchasing equipment and supplies for administration and operations. This include funds to purchase a laptop and accessories; printer, scanner, a copier, office supplies and awareness materials (stationery), as well as meeting costs and administration fee;
  • Northern Reef Fishers Cooperative (NRFC) - funding to support data collection in the second largest fishing ground in Palau by NRFC to determine the impact of management of fish populations. Funding will be used to purchase supplies/ materials for fishers’ profile and awareness brochures, as well as to hire data collector to collect monthly fishery data. The funds will also be used to purchase sustainably caught fish from fishermen at the Northern Reefs dock and to resell in Koror for higher prices;
  • Nan Ais Community, Palikir Pohnpei - to construct three (3) new toilet facilities and to renovation one (1) existing toilet for the community – the community has agreed to establish a revolving fund from the project funds, to help build more proper toilet facilities in the Nan Ais Community. The funds will also be used to purchase shovels and a chain saw to remove fallen trees and debris from their stream. The project proponent will also develop a short photos story of the project to be shared widely;
  • Pohnpei Consumer Organization (PCO) - to establish farms that will serve as training centers and awareness for persons with disabilities. The activities will include stakeholder meetings, trainings, farm sites preparation, seeds and seedlings distribution, as well as monitoring and site visits;
  • The Green Society - to raise awareness about the need to reduce plastics and other harmful imports to Pohnpei. The funds will be used to purchase a banner, run newspaper ads, make radio announcements, purchase stickers and materials, trash bags, gloves and t-shirt to raise awareness about the need to properly manage/reduce harmful trash and to raise awareness about this new organization - the Green Society of Pohnpei.

Global Green-Grants Fund (GGF) believes solutions to environmental harm and social injustice come from people whose lives are most impacted. Every day, our global network of people on the frontlines and donors come together to support communities to protect their ways of life and our planet. When local people have a say in the health of their food, water, and resources, they are forced for change and to act. The next round of GGF grants will be in March 2019. Contact William Kostka at 691-320-5670 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information on these grants.

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