Vice President George participates at Chuuk State Government Complex turnover ceremony

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ChuukWENO, Chuuk—On January 19th, 2019, the Honorable Yosiwo P. George, Vice President of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) participated in the turnover ceremony of the new Chuuk State Government Complex. Funded by the Government of the People’s Republic of China (China), and built by Chinese construction firm Yen Tai Construction Group, the Chuuk State Government Complex is one of the largest projects ever donated to the FSM by China.

In his official statement, Vice President George expressed his gratitude and appreciation to China through His Excellency Huang Zheng, Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary. Vice President George emphasized that the FSM values its relationship with China. “I am confident that this complex will serve its purpose and be appreciated…I understand this is the biggest project provided to the FSM…. When [former] Ambassador Li informed us that this building will be completed in 11 months I was very skeptical…[but] today, I can say that building a huge project like this is now not only possible but a reality.”

Vice President George stated that the new Chuuk State Government Complex will become a permanent landmark in Chuuk. It will stand as a symbol of the strong partnership between FSM and the People’s Republic of China and people-to-people exchange between our two Nations.  

Vice President George also thanked China for other assistance to the FSM, which range in scope from student scholarships and biogas digesters to new infrastructure and transportation investments in the rest of the FSM, from new roads to new ships.

“[China] is contributing not only to our economic and social development, but to our nation building as well. This is the embodiment of our commitment to the One-China Policy and our historical ties with the People’s Republic of China to which we here will continue to uphold and support,” said Vice President George. “The completion of this project is so timely…[this is a] very important year for Chuuk State, which is hosting the upcoming Micronesia Island Forum. These buildings will be put to great use immediately.”

Vice President George also reiterated that the FSM values its relationship with the People’s Republic of China, which was forged 30 years ago. While September 11th, 2019 will mark the official date, celebrations of FSM-China relations are ongoing this year, beginning with the Research Vessel KeXue visiting Pohnpei on January 4th, 2019.

The FSM prides itself on its hospitality and positive relationships with all countries, and in particular hopes that its 30 years of diplomatic relations with China are just the beginning of an everlasting friendship.

Vice President George concluded his statement by thanking the management, the project coordinator, and workers of the Yen Tai Construction Group for their hard and excellent workmanship. “I certainly hope that your stay with us has been rewarding and enriching. It is in this connection that, upon return to your country, I consider you as goodwill ambassadors of the FSM to the People’s Republic of China, and I hope you can assist us in sharing your experiences in the FSM for the purpose of promoting our FSM-China relations.”

“Ambassador Huang,” said Vice President George, “again thank you and congratulations to you and all those involved in this project from your side as well as from our side, especially Governor Elimo and the people of Chuuk. Thank you…kilisou, kulo, kalahngan, kammagar, xie-xie.”

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