Charges against Abello-Alfonso questionable?

The filing of criminal charges against a political candidate, Dr. Merlynn Abello- Alfonso on February 12, 2019 raises a lot of interesting and intriguing facts. I have been closely following the unfolding of this scenario and am compelled to share my observations on this matter because it is deeply troubling and has shaken my trust in our Government system. Everything about this issue with Genesis Corporation and Dr. Merlynn Abello- Alfonso raises the question of motives for this. Is it personal or political?? Regardless of the motive, it is without question very malicious, vindictive, and sickening.

Timing appears suspicious and seem aimed to affect her candidacy for the March 05, 2019 upcoming Congressional election. Everything that has occurred did not follow due process since day one. No opportunity was given for her to respond to the charges that were filed against her. Barely two weeks before the election, on February 12, 2019, the Pohnpei State AG, Mr. Dana Smith hastily filed criminal charges of human trafficking, violation of Pohnpei Labor Wage Law, and forgery among other things against Dr. Merlynn Abello-Alfonso and Genesis Corporation. All these charges simply do not fit the personality and person that everyone knew. The charges are so ridiculous I am in disbelief!

The stated charges were more civil rather than criminal in nature. These were labor issues and Pohnpei State Labor Office is the right division of government that should deal with these. The right process would be an administrative hearing to determine the information gathered and compliance imposed on the entity involved should there be a need to. So why is the Pohnpei State AG office directly handling and running everything on this case? Furthermore, investigations, interrogations were conducted by the State AG himself, Mr. Dana Smith and his lady staff Tracy Ardos.

On the facts, it appears that on August 7, 2018, Ms. Malpihna Nelper, Chief of Division of Personnel, Labor and Manpower development Pohnpei State did issue a letter to Dr. Merlynn Abello-Alfonso/Genesis Corporation requesting for the following information.  Employee name, address, date of birth, legal resident, citizenship, country of origin, expiration of entry permit, job title, wage, employment benefits, payroll records, employees education, number of employees and type of injury or illness if any, and copies of current contract and extension. That is a lot of information to request and very burdensome to submit considering there are more than fifty some employees under Genesis Corporation. That letter specifically stated” these information are important and to be used for our survey.” Illegal? No, not really as Pohnpei State Labor does have authority to request such information. Unusual? Yes, it was the first time such voluminous information was requested and Genesis did take its time responding due to the amount of work it entailed. But obviously the reason stated that it was for a survey was untrue. So why the deceit in requesting such information?

And a even bigger question is why is the Pohnpei State Labor Office not doing the investigation itself. Pohnpei State Prosecution office had none to minimal participation. Everything was done at AG by Mr. Dana Smith and Tracy Ardos. The other two attorney staff had been kept in the dark and clueless of what was happening. No opportunity was given for Dr. Merlynn Abello-Alfonso to respond nor was she asked about anything. What forces are working in our government to allow such actions to be tolerated? The charges did not even have a single  document attached to it to support  charges filed against her

and was very poorly presented. Any one with basic legal background would know it did not constitute much, was nonsensical,  and was not going to hold up in court.

On the afternoon of February 20, 2019, the doctor was served an arrest warrant for “obstruction of justice” for a general staff meeting she had which was  taken  out  of context. Again no due process was followed as she was read her rights and questioned only after she was released from nearly 22 hours in custody. Another obvious blunder! Interesting to note was that she has not even received a summons for that particular case in her individual capacity so how could there be obstruction of justice for a non-existent case?

After all the efforts exerted to file charges against Genesis Corporation and the doctor candidate, February 26, 2019 nobody showed up from the opposing party! So one is left to wonder, what EXACTLY is going on??

This certainly seems weird. Or perhaps maybe not after all. It could be an attempt to shred the reputation of a woman who has recently lost her husband and has led a life of service to the people of Pohnpei most of her life. No justice in all this as she is one of the kindest soul I know, Always ready to lend a hand and has served Pohnpei and its people, from all walks of life- students, youth. churches, women organizations, schools etc. I would not be surprised if she does turn around to sue our already poor government for all that it has put her through. We are certainly now a circus with puppets bending over. I am shocked at how everything has played out. It is alarming how our law officers and one of the highest government office trusted to protect its citizens has done such unlawful acts. It is scary, dirty and ugly and should not be tolerated. What forces lie behind these acts?

I shall leave the public to judge for themselves. Have we become such monsters??

Milo S. Abello

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