Israel responds to PUC request for cleaner water for parts of Pohnpei State

WaterIn November of 2017, PUC and Pohnpei State Government reached out to the Israeli Ambassador to FSM and Pacific Islands, His Excellency Tibor Shalev Schlosser, to request a project based grant entitled “Water Resource Rehabilitation and Improvement” to build a new Iron Removal plant or “MO plant” in Nett to improve filtration and water quality in PUC water that services the people of Pohnpei, especially at the State Hospital and toward Nett and U municipalities.  This part of the island has an issue in water quality from the MO deep wells and the treatment plant is not able to fully clean the water injected into the lines that service these communities. This affects a significant amount of PUC customers. This upgrade to the existing MO plant will solve this issue and will cost around $350,000.

The government of Israel has sent technical expertise to Pohnpei to make an assessment of the existing plant and make recommendations on the way forward for the project.  Ambassador Tibor arrived in Pohnpei on February 18 and brought Mr. David Kalush to do the field visits and final collection of data in order for Israel to render the decision if they will support PUC’s request.

The proposal submitted by PUC to Israel was extracted from a package to rehabilitate the entire PUC water system which will cost up to $19 Million USD. PUC wants to thank H.E. Tibor for his visit to Pohnpei State and for bringing Mr. Kalush to do the field visit.  We look forward to the outcome of this visit.

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