International Women’s Day 2019 celebrated in Pohnpei

Pohnpei Women’s Advisory Council

WomenThe Pohnpei Women Advisory Council (PWAC) celebrated International Women’s Day in Pohnpei from March 2-8, 2018.  PWAC, is the umbrella organization for women groups in Pohnpei, with 20 groups and over 2,000 members.

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day, is: “Balance for Better”.

On Saturday, March 2, members of PWAC organized a clean-up outside the Pohnpei State Hospital and planted trees and flowers.  On Sunday, March 3, PWAC visited the patients at the hospital and inmates at the Pohnpei State Jail, conducted prayer services and provided cash donations to the patients and food for the inmates.   A series of workshops were held on March 4, 6 and & 7 at the Governor’s Conference Room with presentations from various NGOs and Government offices.  The workshops included jam making, handicraft making, social issues, hydroponics, core values & noble causes, waste management, maternal depression, health, education social issues, Family Safety Act, Good governance, Conservation, Disability, Access to Justice, Pohnpei Domestic Violence Act, United Joint Presence, DRR & Community Resilience, Water Quality, and Geo-literacy Education in Micronesia.

Friday, March 8 was celebrated at the Kolonia-China Friendship Gymnasium at the Spanish Wall, from 9 a.m. to 5: p.m., with speeches, display of arts and crafts, agricultural and marine products with traditional and modern dances.  The Pohnpei Women’s Council legal counsel, Marstella Jack, delivered the keynote address.  Mayor of Kolonia Town, Jose San Nicolas, Luhk Pohnpei, gave the welcoming remarks.   Pohnpei Women Council recognized the Pohnpei Consumer Organization, a NGO for people with disabilities by donating a small cash donation to the organization.

 “This year’s event marks another history showcasing the unity of Pohnpei women.    Every year, IWD events are improving and we are proud of that.  This year’s theme calls for unity and betterment. says PWAC President Susana Sohs”.

PWAC would like to recognize the following individuals, government and businesses for their support in making this  year’s IWD a reality:

Honorable Iso Nanken of U

Kolonia Town Government

FSM Telecommunications Corporation

FSM Development Bank

Genesis Hospital

Western & Central Pacific Fisheries

PREL (Parent Role in Education)

FSM Health and Social Affairs

Pohnpei State Office of the Governor

Pohnpei State Social Affairs


Pohnpei Youth for Change

Waste Management

Island Food Community of Pohnpei

Project LAUNCH

The Nature Conservancy

Micronesia Conservation Trust

Conservation Society of Pohnpei

FSM Supreme Court

Pacific Judicial Strengthening Initiative

United Joint Presence

Micronesia Red Cross Society

Environment Protection Agency

Senior Pastor Bethwel Henry

Sister Christina Elias

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