William Chunn convicted for trafficking in children and exploiting a trafficked person

By Bill Jaynes

The Kaselehlie Press

March 6, 2019

Pohnpei—On March 6, the FSM Supreme Court found that there was sufficient evidence to convict William Chunn on six charges of trafficking in children and one of exploiting a trafficked person.

The Court will determine Chunn’s sentence for the crimes after a hearing on March 26, 2019.

On February 14, 2017, the FSM Department of Justice filed charges against two men for crimes involving prostitution of minors, William Chunn, a Pohnpeian taxi driver and Joseph Parisi, a ship captain from the United States.  Parisi’s trial is still outstanding after he fled the FSM’s jurisdiction.

Chunn was convicted of multiple incidences of delivering under-age girls for the purpose of paid sex to several men.  Only one of the men was identified in the initial charging documents. 

Chunn was convicted on charges that he delivered a 16 year old victim to Seven Stars hotel for the purpose of having sex and collected $50 from an adult male “customer” who had called Chunn for that purpose. 

He was also convicted of charges that said that in 2016 Chunn picked up “child victim 1” and “child victim 2” in his taxi. An unknown male was aboard. He drove the passengers to Tropic Helicopters and picked up another unknown male. He then drove them all to the former Rumors bar and dropped them off. “Child victims 1 and 2” had sexual intercourse with the two unknown males on the concrete floor of the former bar on blankets the two men had brought with them. They received $40 each from the men. Chunn came back and picked the two men up at which time “child victims 1 and 2” left Rumors on their own.

Prosecutors did not provide enough evidence to convict him on other alleged incidences for which he was charged.

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