Grant contract signing ceremony for the project for construction of gymnasium in Yap Catholic High School

Embassy of Japan

YAP GymOn February 27, 2019, the Grant Contract Signing Ceremony was held at Yap Catholic High School for the Project for “Construction of Gymnasium in Yap Catholic High School”, which provided Yap Catholic High School with $120,520USD under the Grant Assistance for Grass-roots Human Security Projects.

The goal for this project is to provide a gymnasium which improves the educational environment and students’ health at Yap Catholic High School. Yap Catholic High School has been unable to include formal Physical Education class into their school curriculum because of the lack of reliable space to use in the event of poor weather. After this construction, Yap Catholic High School will finally be able to implement a Physical Education program into the curriculum for all students beginning in School Year 2019-2020. The gymnasium will be open to local people as well.

The Hon. Nick Figirlaarwon, Yap State Legislature and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Yap Catholic High School, expressed his gratitude for the generous assistance from the Government of Japan. Rev. R. Richard McAuliff, SJ, the Director of Yap Catholic High School, commented on Yap’s close ties with Japan and its people in allowing Yap Catholic High School to be able to tackle two of many challenges that the school faces: Providing one of the best quality education to students while maintaining an affordable tuition for families and impressing upon students important values such as respect, honesty, integrity and generosity shown by the Government and people of Japan. In his address, Ambassador Horie stated that the Government of Japan is always pleased to assist the FSM and encouraged the students for a better future. Mr. Michael Wiencek, the Principal of Yap Catholic High School, expressed his deepest gratitude for the generous assistance from the people of Japan.

The ceremony was witnessed by The Hon. Henry Falan, the Governor of Yap State, The Hon. Jesse Salalu, Lt. Governor of Yap State, The Hon. Congressman Joseph Urusemal, Delegates from Yap Congressional Delegation Office, Delegates from Yap State Legislature, The Hon. Simeon Waathan, Mayor of Rull Municipality, Rev. Kelly Yalmadau, Episcopal Vicar of the Catholic Chuch in Yap, Mr. Rufino Xavior, the principal of St. Mary’s school, members of the board of Directors of Yap Catholic High School, faculty and students of Yap Catholic High School and the staff of the Embassy of Japan in the FSM.

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