Fraud awareness conducted in Chuuk at the FSM Finance Municipal Training in Chuuk

ChuukFraudAwarenessWeno, Chuuk - On February 18-22, 2019 the Pohnpei Office of the Public Auditor (POPA) was invited to conduct trainings on fraud awareness and prevention. This is part of POPA’s proactive efforts in promoting good governance, accountability and transparency in government. The training further discussed the benefits and values of the FSM Audit Offices in the various governments. Among others, the training also highlighted issues relating to budget and economic management of the Project Control Documents (PCD) for the Congressional Project Funds, the presentation of the newly and updated FSM Financial Management Regulations (FMR) and Contract issued by FSM Transportation, Communication and Infrastructure (TC&I). 

The FSM National Public Auditor also talks about matters relating to funding on CFSM Projects, the background of the Audit Offices and their authorities. It was the first-time ever to put together a workshop training for the entire FSM’s municipal Governments and Authorities, who are also allottees of the FSM Congressional Project funds.  The training was hosted by the Madam Secretary Sihna Lawrence, Department of Finance & Administration. 

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