Pingelapese women celebrate International Women’s Day with a parade

By Bill Jaynes

The Kaselehlie Press


Pin2Pohnpei—On Saturday, March 16, women’s groups from Pingelap gathered in Mwalok, Sokehs for their own celebration of International Women’s Day.  The celebration began with a parade of three floats each displaying traditional weaving products followed by crowds of enthusiastic women dancing their way down the street culminating at the Pingelap community nahs.

Each of the three women’s groups had decorated their floats and prizes were awarded for their efforts.  Top prize was awarded to the women of Lih Sapwoahn representing Pingelapese in Sokehs.  Second Prize was given to Lih Deke representing Pingelapese from the atoll.  The third place prize winner brought their float in from the farthest away.  Lih Mand represented the Pingelapese community in Madolenihmw.

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