FSM says no interruption in incoming sea shipments

FSM Information Services


February 7, 2020

With reference to the emergency declaration issued on January 31, 2020, as amended on February 4, 2020, it is clarified that Article X Section 9 of the FSM Constitution is the constitutional basis for the emergency declaration.

(A) It is further clarified that with respect to paragraphs #3 and #4 to the extent concerning “commercial sea vessels” (which means: fishing vessels, cargo vessels and oil tankers), travelling to the FSM for the purpose of trade and commerce, the following understanding applies:

(1) Commercial sea vessels traveling from or transiting through mainland China or any country, state or territory with confirmed cases of the Coronavirus are allowed to continue to deliver goods, commodities or supplies to the FSM as part of regular trade and commerce; provided, that such vessels have spent an uninterrupted period of no less than 14 days at sea prior to arrival in the FSM. If commercial sea vessels transit or stop in a port or anywhere in a country, state or territory that has no confirmed cases of the Coronavirus, then such transit or stop is not be considered as an “interruption” of the 14 days required in this paragraph.

(2) While operating at sea, should any of these commercial sea vessels come into contact with any other vessel that does not meet the requirement of paragraph (1), then these commercial sea vessels must comply with the 14 days requirement prior to their entry into FSM.

(3) Upon arrival, crewmembers of such vessels are subject to normal customs, immigration and quarantine inspections; additionally, they will be subject to any additional screening and inspection processes mandated by national and state Health authorities. All crewmembers must remain on board the vessels and comply at all times with directives and instructions by the FSM Emergency Task Force, and Health authorities. Fishing vessel crews may be allowed to proceed onshore provided that their 14 uninterrupted days at sea can be verified, and they are cleared by Health authorities.

(4) Any crewmembers showing any symptoms of the Coronavirus as determined by the FSM Health authorities are subject to quarantine procedures.

(B) It is further clarified that with respect to commercial airlines conducting regular transit service through the FSM, crewmembers and technical support personnel on board the aircraft may exit the aircraft in order to carry out inspection and regular duties around the aircraft, but they are not permitted to enter any airport facilities except for those necessary for the safe operation of the airline.

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