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Caroleen Eliam Becomes Pohnpei State Spelling Bee Champion; Jerishameri Benjamin, Jadea Gene Salvador, and Teeshantra Amor Runners-Up

KOLONIA, Pohnpei—On February 11th, 2020 the COM-FSM Educational Talent Search Program (TSP), in partnership with Pohnpei Rotary Club, Pohnpei Department of Education and Pohnpei Catholic School, held the 6th Annual Pohnpei State Scripps Spelling Bee at the Pohnpei State Legislative Chamber. The Champion of the 6th Pohnpei State Spelling Bee is Ms. Caroleen Eliam, representing Ohmine Elementary School, with Runners-Up include Jerishameri Benjaming (Ohmine), Jadea Gene Salvador (Saladak), and Teeshantra Amor (Sapwalap). These four students will represent Pohnpei State at the Scripps Spelling Bee Regional in Guam on March 7th, 2020.

After an opening by Mr. Diopulos Diopulos who served as the emcee, and an invocation by Bernadita Benavente Helstrom, Principal of Pohnpei Catholic School, CTEC Dean, Mr. Grilly Jack, of the College of Micronesia provided welcoming remarks.

Attendees of the 6th Pohnpei State Spelling Bee enjoyed fifty-four (54) rounds of spelling. The Championship word was “totipotency”, which is the ability of a cell to differentiate into any other type of cell and thus form a new organism OR to regenerate any part of an organism.

Facilitated by Mrs. Kamleen Sam, the 6th Pohnpei State Spelling Bee included Mr. Patrick Petrus as the Pronouncer, Elder Blake as the Assistant Pronouncer,  Ms. Phyllis Silbanus as the Judge, and Ms. Terleen Shelten & Ms. Drystal Silbanus as the Record Keepers.

Prior to the State Bee on February 11th, which consisted of champion spellers from schools across the State, were the School Bees. In this respect, TSP recognizes the following students as School Bee Winners:

  1. Ohmine Elementary School—Caroleen Elmera Eliam (7th grade), Jerishameri Benjaming (8th grade), & Ioreen Lopez (8th grade);
  2. Kolonia Elementary School—Omar Kenyon Santos (8th grade), Grace Aldis (8th grade), &Chirstenson Nelper (8th grade);
  3. Nett Elementary School—Lana S. Lucios (8th grade), Cailyn Ponapart (8th grade), & Hector David (8th grade);
  4. Awak Elementary School—Lora Victor (8th grade), Deshawn Obed (8th grade), & Elray Silbanuz (5th grade);
  5. Saladak Elementary School—Jadea Gene Salvador (8th grade), Sean Dae Amor (7th grade), & Lilly Jean Alex (8th grade);
  6. Lukop Elementary School—Louisantra Ladore Sahle (8th grade), Kayleen Usor (8th grade), & Hasten Valentine (8th grade);
  7. Sapwalap Elementary School—Haley Jonathan (7th grade), Teeshantra Amor (7th grade), J-marisha Dee Redes (8th grade);
  8. Pohnpei Catholic School—Gabriela Gallen (5th grade), Jasma Rose Ringlen (6th grade), Sheridan Giltama (8th grade);
  9. Nanpei Memorial School—Danylove Tom (8th grade), Itleen Santos (8th grade), Herbieshae Santos (8th grade).

TSP notes that the nine schools that held School Bees are all schools that are either Level Three or Level Four per the FSM School Accreditation Procedures. Further, the Champion and Runners-up are all students at Level Four schools per the FSM School Accreditation Procedures. TSP encourages schools presently at Level One or Level Two to implement School Bees as part of their regular extracurricular academic programming.

Congratulations to all for their participation and for making the 6th Pohnpei State Spelling Bee a success!

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