GGF Grants Another $25,000 to CSOs Across Micronesia

Micronesia Trust


March 3, 2020

The Global Greengrants Fund (GGF) is a global organization that catalyzes grassroots-level solutions by putting resources directly in the hands of the best stewards of our environment— local people. GGF works worldwide and has been supporting work in the Pacific and Micronesia for the past two decades.

In this funding cycle, GGF approved 16 new grants of approximately $5,000 each to several community-based organizations in the Pacific, including 5 for the Federated States of Micronesia, 2 for Papua New Guinea, 3 for Tonga, 3 for the Solomon Islands, 1 for Samoa and 2 for Tuvalu.

The 5 GGF projects approved for the FSM this round include: Oneisomw Environmental Conservation Association(Project Lead: Mayor Enrino Paul) of Chuuk, Nan Madol en Ihmw, Inc. (Project Lead: Estephan P. Santiago), and Enimwahn Development Association (Project Lead: Stuard Penias)  of Pohnpei; and Tamil (Project Lead:  Sophia Beeliyew) and Okaw (Project Lead: Petra Falan) Women Associations of Yap.

The Oneisomw Environmental Conservation Association (OECA) will use their funds to support the following activities: to develop a specific workplan for their fisheries management plan, to work with state Department of Marine Resources and the leadership of Chuuk to legally establish Oneisomw as an official site in Chuuk State’s Protected Areas Network, to enforce boundaries, rules and regulations of OECA’s management area and to further build the capacity of OECA to manage conservation projects. The Nan Madol en Ihmw, Inc. will use their funds to build community resilience to climate change and to improve their food security by planting approximately 5,000 staple food trees and other local plant species at Lehiak village and in participating nearby villages. The Enimwahn Development Association (EDA), in partnership with EPA and other relevant entities, will reduce health risks induced by climate change by holding regular cleanup exercises to remove large waste items in their village. They will also carry out education awareness activities on vector borne diseases. The Okaw and Tamil Women Associations will use their funds to build their institutional and professional capacity to participate in the management of their natural resources and conservation areas.

The next round of GGF proposals are due on March 31, 2020. All community based organizations in Micronesia (FSM, Palau, Marshall Islands, Kiribati, Nauru, Guam and CNMI) who are interested in GGF grants may contact GGF Micronesia Advisor, William Kostka, at 320-5670/8903 or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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