Handover ceremony of the project for improving school environment for Rumuu Elementary School in Yap State

On March 3, 2020, a handover ceremony was held at Rumuu Elementary School of the Grant Assistance for Grass-roots Human Security Projects, by the Government of Japan for the Project for Improving School Environment for Rumuu Elementary School in Yap State amounting to up to US$80,320.

The objectives of this project are to build security fences to protect the school’s safety from nighttime and weekend intruders and vandalism and to build a drainage system to provide clean sanitary conditions and help prevent the spread of infectious diseases, and thus to create a safe, secure and healthy education environment.

The ceremony attended by Ambassador Sobashima Hidenobu and Ms. Kobayashi Rikako, Grassroots Grant Coordinator from the Japanese side, was also attended by the Hon. Henry S. Falan, Governor and the Hon. Jesse J. Salalu, Lieutenant Governor of Yap State, Mr.Francis Itamai, Chief of Staff to the Governor, Mr. Arnold Yokbay Ken, Waab Area School Administrator, and Mr. Peter Deffmew, Infrastructure Coordinator, both from the Department of Education, Ms. Lydia Kadugyed, Head Teacher of Rumuu Elementary School, Ms.Nozaki Haruka, JICA volunteer and other teaching staff and students of Rumuu Elementary School.

At the ceremony, Governor Falan, expressed deep appreciation for the continuous support from the Government of Japan to Yap State in various fields, and told the students about the importance of having a pride and of keeping the school clean and free of graffiti and other damages.

Ambassador Sobashima stated that the completed security fences and the drainage facilities at Rumuu Elementary School improved the environment to provide a safe, secure and healthy education and hoped that the improved Rumuu Elementary School would develop to become a symbol of the friendship between Japan and the FSM.

Following the speeches, the students of Rumuu Elementary School sang a Japanese song in English,Japanese and Yapese. The ceremony was concluded by the ribbon cutting by Ambassador Sobashima, Governor Falan, and Lieutenant Governor Salalu.