JICA Alumni Association (JAA) promotes waste segregation to Talent Search Program Seniors

JICA Micronesia

JAA Activity 2020 2The Pohnpei Chapter of the JICA Alumnae Association hosted another Waste Survey for Educational Talent Search Program seniors on February 8, 2020 at the Pohnpei Campus grounds from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. The activity brought together approximately 80 participants (students, JICA Volunteers, JICA Representatives, JAA Officers, and TSP Representatives) to take part in a waste collection activity that started from Pohnpei Campus entrance to around the campus and on to Kolonia Elementary School grounds, Taini road, Small Business grounds, Pohnpei State Government grounds, and back to the Pohnpei Campus grounds.

Mr. Shinji Shibata, Resident Representative of the JICA Micronesia Office welcomed everyone and expressed his support to the JAA-Pohnpei Chapter and the students, and encouraged everyone to take heed of waste. Likewise, the Director of the Talent Search Program, Mrs. Rita Hadley thanked everyone for coming and for the opportunity to engage students in the work to keep Pohnpei beautiful. Furthermore, Mrs. Masako Johnny-Boy, President of the Pohnpei Chapter of the JICA ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION thanked everyone for coming and added that the activity was made possible to promote cleanliness and cooperation among participants. The participants were divided into several groups and were led by a guide who handed out protective gloves, trash bags and a t-shirt with a JAA logo on it. After the collection of the various types of wastes, participants placed their trash bags on the ground and were engaged in a segregation activity. Participants separated what they collected and counted each type before weighing them in kg.  A total of 60 trash bags were utilized, and out of that number 3 were analyzed for demonstration. JAA Officer Mr. Francisco Celestine conducted a presentation on the purpose of the survey in relation to segregation and proper disposal.

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