Governor meets with Mayor of Kolonia Town to discuss COVID-19 response efforts

fgfghdfdsawerwrwrOn Thursday, March 26, 2020, Mayor of Kolonia Town Government, TH Peterigo paid a visit to Governor Oliver. The purpose of the visit was to align Kolonia Town Government's actions with the state. Governor Oliver gave a brief overview of Pohnpei's COVID-19 response efforts with input from acting Director of Public Safety, Mr. Patrick Carl, Public Affairs Officer, Mr. Heinrick Stevenson and Local Government Liaison, Ms. Suannrita Ladore.

Mayor Jacob expressed his gratitude to the Governor and his staff and informed them that the Kolonia Town Government would be meeting the following day to prepare a contingency plan that is in alignment with the State's COVID-19 response efforts. Governor Oliver thanked the Mayor and Kolonia Town Government for their cooperation and support.

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