Micronesian Productions works with women’s groups across the nation to sew masks for all students

Micronesian Productions

January 29, 2021

On January 12, 2021, Micronesian Productions works with women’s groups across the nation to sew masks for all students. This donation stemmed from a grant that Micronesian Productions received from the Government of Canada under the Canada for Local Initiatives grant.  The grant outputs were to sew and give away 25,000 masks across the nation to all school-aged children, to develop Public Service announcements in local languages to play on all state AM stations to help people learn more about COVID-19, and to promote the uptake of accurate government information in the form of news stories on Facebook.  The entire project was focused on helping FSM prevent the spread of COVID-19 should the virus arrive.

At the meeting with Pohnpei State DOE, Director Etse expressed his sincere thank you for the donation of the masks and noted that the masks will be distributed right away.

The Kosrae Women’s Council was the first organization who completed the sewing of their 2,500 masks.  All masks were turned over to the Kosrae State DOE back in October of 2020.

For Yap State, the Yap Women Association completed the required 3,000 masks and provided them to the Yap Director of Education. 

In Chuuk State, the Chuuk Women’s Council is working with local women to sew 10,000 masks for all the students in Chuuk.  Deliveries of the masks started before Christmas with priority given to schools on Weno and closest to the airport. By the end of January, they have given out 1,284 to the following schools: Iras Demo, Mwan Elementary School, Berea Christian School, and Seventh Day Adventist.  They have sewed over 6,000 masks and will continue to deliver them to the other schools in Weno with the assistance of Chuuk State DOE. They are in contact with the neighboring schools in the lagoon to being the pick-up the facemasks for their students.

Executive Director for Micronesian Productions, Mr. Patrick Blank, noted that it was a priority of the project to work with women’s groups around the nation to assist with the project.  “We wanted to provide funds to women’s organizations to help them with their capacity building and also to be an integral part in protecting our children from the spread of the virus, should it arrive in FSM.  They were eager to help and did a fantastic job working together and with the state DOEs to see that over 20,000 masks were made and delivered to our schools around the nation.  I especially want to thank the FSM Risk Communications team for assisting us with the proper messaging and information for the project, and to the Government of Canada, for making this important prevention program possible.” 

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