FSM National Virtual Workshop reconnecting and furthering stakeholder engagement with GCF

The FSM National Designated Authority (NDA)

21212122The FSM’s National Designated Authority (NDA) office this week welcomed workshop participants from all four states, Direct and Regional Accredited Entities to the GCF, development partners, civil society members and the private sector to the FSM-GCF National Virtual Workshop.

Secretary/NDA, Eugene Amor, welcomed and opened the workshop noting that although FSM’s efforts under GCF have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, we will continue to do our best to respond or tackle the adverse impacts of climate change.

This workshop is a key part of the NDA office’s efforts to work with stakeholder groups to implement the FSM Country Program for GCF and improve access to and management of climate finance.

Through a realignment exercise to ensure identified priority projects are in line with the nation-wide priorities as well as the GCF results impact areas, climate proofing road infrastructure surfaced as a shared project thematic area of interest among four states.

To better engage with GCF and eventually further develop key ideas into proposals, participants were introduced to the developing and integrating, and monitoring and evaluation systems for GCF projects and they deliberated on sustainable pathways to keeping the Country Program alive and relevant. 

The four-day workshop ended with a more realistic view of GCF complexity and a better understanding of the lengthy processes.  The participants came away with an understanding that not all national and state priority projects are suited for GCF funding but rather that the GCF may be able to fund only projects that clearly demonstrate a clear linkage to climate change impacts.

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