The Global Green-grants Fund (GGF) provides more community grants to Micronesia

Micronesia Conservation Trust

February 23, 2021

Pohnpei—Island Pride Micronesia, Saint Barnabas Youth Inc. of Pohnpei and Sapuk Resource Management Council of Wone Chuuk have each received grants of $5,000 to support their community empowerment work. Over the years, the GGF has provided approximately 100 of these community enpowerment grants to numerous civil society organizations (CSO) in Palau, FSM, Marshall Islands, Guam, CNMI and Kiribati. Twice a year, William Kostka, Micronesia representative on the GGF Pacific Islands Advisory Board, works with interested communities to design their projects and to apply for these grants. These GGF grants are intended to provide seed funding to kickstart community-based projects/programs that are meant to be sustained by the participating communities.

 The Island Pride Micronesia project is focused on increasing community awareness on climate change impacts by working with women and youth organizations to develop local early action plans/activities to be implemented by participating groups. The Saint Barnabas Youth Inc. aims to improve community understanding of and resilience to the impacts of climate change and global warming through revitalizing degraded lands by planting native fruit trees. The Sapuk Resource Management Council will develop an enforcement plan, with standard operating procedures (SOPs) to deal with poaching activities within their marine protected area (MPA). This will include training on MPA compliance and enforcement, as well as the provision of necessary enforcement equipment to their volunteer community conservation officers. Iakop Ioanis, the President of the Saint Barnabas Youth, Inc. of Pohnpei said, “this GGF grant will allow our families and partners to both increase our food security as well as build our resilience to the impacts of climate change and global warming. We are grateful to the GGF Pacific Advisory Board for selecting our proposal and will do our best to implement our project/program”. 

The deadline for the next round of GGF grants is March 15, 2021. For all interested entities, please contact William Kostka at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 691-320-5670/8903. 

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