Pohnpei’s top high school grade earners take over executive spots for a day

By Bill Jaynes

The Kaselehlie Press

February 23, 2021

Pohnpei—21 top high school grade earners had the opportunity to participate in Pohnpei’s first ever “Student Take Over Day”.  During that day students took over the positions of government officials, NGO leaders, and other leaders.

During a ceremony at the end of the day, speakers stood in front a large Student Take Over banner saying “Employers, we want to take you over.  Will you give young people a chance to walk in your steps for just one day to experience what being a leader and decision maker feels like?”  And that is exactly what they did on Tuesday, February 23.

During his speech at the ceremony, Governor Reed Oliver said that the program was a trial run and that he hopes the Pohnpei State Legislature will consider passing a bill to make it an annual event. Each of the student participants also received recognition for their participation in the event.

Through Pohnpei’s Public Information Officer, the Kaselehlie Press reached out to the Department of Education to explore the possibility of asking each student to provide a short narrative of their day for publication, but by publication time we had yet to receive a response.  If that does happen, we will publish responses in future issues of the newspaper.  Meanwhile, photos and captions of each student participant are published here.

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