K’con Andon Student Take-Over Day reflections

KconAndon NMHS Pohnpei State Lt. GovernorFebruary 23, 2021 was the first Student Take Over Day. That day, I feel really proud of myself and I feel like it was, and I feel like it was a real event. It was interesting. My partner, Mr. Felciano Perman was a good man. He taught me many things about his roles like we cannot agree on a requisition without any justification. For example, if a group submits a requisition, they have to justify by listing the details in which why the project is necessary. I believed that there was more information that I didn't learn that day. Therefore, I feel like I'm the leader that day. Mr. Perman gives me a chance to put my thoughts into words when the Department of Land asks for money. I told him to agree upon the requisition given because it was important. I found out that, being a Lt. Governor is not easy. By being a Lt. Governor, you have to treat everyone under laws, and think wisely. Thus, I want to encourage my brothers and sisters to study hard so you guys can experience this kind of opportunity. If I'm not wrong it is my best opportunity in my life. I want director Mr. Stanley Etse from the Department of Education to make it long for student takeover. I want him to give us two or one week because one day is not enough for us to learn all the important roles in the offices.

"What You Believed, You Can Achieve"

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