Pohnpei tuna tag recovery by local fisherman

At about 10 months (303 days to be exact), one tuna tag has been recovered around Pohnpei territorial water. FSM NORMA wishes to recognize a nice tuna tag recovery by a Pohnpei local fisherman, namely Gretorio Hallens, on the 6th of July 2020. Mr. Hallens applied the bottom fishing method while fished at 1 nautical mile away from the reef and caught this yellowfin. Recovered at 91 cm measured by NORMA fisheries officer. The fish was released at 10 miles south of Kitti Municipality and 20 miles east of Ant Atoll. The yellowfin was 47 cm when released at these coordinates, 06.36N and 15815.555E, respectively, on the 8th of September 2019 as part of the Pacific Tuna Tagging Programme (PTTP). All biological samples were collected. A great result!

About the Pacific Tuna Tagging Programme (PTTP)

The Pacific Tuna Tagging Programme (PTTP) is a joint research project, implemented by the Oceanic Fisheries Programme (OFP) of the Pacific Community (SPC).  The goal of the Pacific Tuna Tagging Programme is to improve stock assessment and management of skipjack, yellowfin and bigeye tuna in the Pacific Ocean. Visit the SPC Pacific Tuna Tagging website: https://tagging.spc.int/

About the biological samples

It consists of collecting up several tissues on specimens (mostly fish) caught during observer trips, tuna tagging cruises or scientific trips. It is essential that these samples are collected properly in different regions and at different times. These samples can be as diverse and then used to run analysis:

  • • Stomach to describe diet composition
  • • Muscle, liver and blood used as natural tags (Isotope) and to analyse contaminants
  • • Gonad used for reproduction biology studies
  • • Otolith to estimate age and growth of fish
  • • Spine used for age validation
  • • Visit the website to learn more about the Pacific Marine Specimen Tissue Bank https://www.spc.int/ofp/PacificSpecimenBank/Home/About

About the tag reward 

If, by chance, you encounter a yellow or white tag on a tuna (skipjack and yellowfin), please contact NORMA (320-2768/2700) and SPC (320-7523) directly.  You will be rewarded on the condition of the tuna and tag in helping with collection of biological samples. 

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