Kitti presents its COVID-19 Emergency Response and Preparedness plan

By Pohnpei Enginkehlap News


September 7, 2020

Pohnpei—On Monday, September 7, 2020, the Kitti COVID-19 Task Force presented their Emergency Response and Preparedness plan to Governor Oliver, Lt. Governor Perman, and the Pohnpei State COVID-19 Task Force. 

Kitti Task Force Chairman, Mr. Herman Semes, Nahnmadau en Dehd Kitti, led the presentation which included their mission, vision, and goals.  Governor Oliver thanked the Chairman and Task Force for the plan, highlighting one of their goals listed, social distancing, as an important component of prevention and spread of COVID-19.  He urged the Kitti Task Force and Pohnpei Task Force members to lead the way for others to observe and follow with social distancing, asking “mah Kaiden kitail, ihs? Mah Kaiden met, iahd?”

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