Madolenihmw votes to seat John Ehsa in Pohnpei State Legislature

The Kaselehlie Press
October 16, 2015
Pohnpei, FSM—The passing of Senator Bellarmine Helgenberger left a vacant seat in the Pohnpei State Legislature. Under Pohnpei's law, when a Legislator's seat is vacated and there is less than one year before the seat will be filled by election, the administrator of the municipality that is left with no representation may appoint a replacement. The appointment requires the advice and consent of the municipality's council by resolution.
Madolenihmw selected John Ehsa to fill the Senator Helgenberger's seat for the three months remaining in his term.
Three days ago Speaker Fernando Scaliem said that he had sent the appointment back to the Madolenihmw Council due to legal insufficiency regarding wording. A well placed source said that the council resolved the wording issue and retransmitted the resolution to the Pohnpei State Legislature last evening.
The resolution must be reviewed by the credentials committee of the Pohnpei State Legislature. Unless that committee finds a legal reason that would bar him, Mr. Ehsa will be seated in the Legislature as a Senator. He would have to resign his position as Governor before he could be seated.
We are told that in that case, the impeachment proceedings against Governor Ehsa would likely then be moot.