Pohnpei RCCE partners with UNICEF to award lucky winners of COVID-19 polls



October 14, 2020

Kolonia, POHNPEI – Early this month, the Pohnpei State COVID -19 Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) sub-Committee of the Department of Health and Social Affairs (DoHSA) in partnership with UNICEF began presenting awards to 24 Lucky Winners of an ongoing COVID-19 poll.

The COVID-19 poll is a weekly short survey that that has been running since August 2020 through answering of basic questions about COVID-19 preventive practices and it is expected to increase the of participants about how to protect themselves and also prevent the spread COVID-19 virus. The poll questions are usually sent and received in the form SMS text and all text responses are FREE of charge to all participants.

Receiving his award, Mr. Norbert Samuel of Sokehs, one of the Lucky Winners said, “this is a good way of engaging people to learn more about COVID-19 and how to protect themselves.” “I hope the questions can be broadcasted on the radio or published in the newspapers so that many more people can have the chance to also participate.” He added.

Another award recipient, Ms. Kimberly John from Kolonia, said, “The questions and answers were very educational. It helps me understand more about the virus and how to protect myself and my family. I would like to encourage everyone to participate to increase their knowledge about this virus.”

The Chairman of the Pohnpei RCCE Working Team, Mr. Peterson Sam who is also the Commissioner of Pohnpei Public Broadcasting Corporation said that the COVID-19 National weekly poll is expected to continue running every Friday and they are encouraging everyone to actively participate in this free SMS poll to further increase their knowledge about COVID-19 and the preventive behavioral practices to adopt.

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