FSM NCD Program Launches public awareness on physical exercise

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In recognizing the need to provide accurate and informative public information to the people of FSM on the benefits of Physical Exercise, the FSM Department of Health, the FSM Diabetes Program and the Preventive Health Services Advisory Council, are launching a Public Awareness Campaign by holding statewide campaign Activities during the months of (October to December) to help achieve our goals and objectives under the FSM Guidelines for Healthy Living.

The main goal is to raise awareness of the newly proposed FSM Guidelines and especially focus on the benefits of handwashing and physical exercise and provide public education on the definitions and benefits associated with the Guidelines.

The FSM NCD Program is recommending the “BE FIT Exercise Program”.  The BE FIT program teaches us about the three kinds of physical activities. They are Flexibility, Strengthening, and Endurance. With BE FIT, F stand for Frequency, I for Intensity, and T is Time

Flexibility is stretching or loosening muscles and joints. It helps to improve balance and coordination and to prepare your body for other exercise or activities. The goal is for everyone to do 10 minutes of stretching exercises without stopping to increase our flexibility.

Look for other public awareness materials such as billboards, radio program and social media postings to learn more about the BE FIT program and help you make better decisions for healthy living.

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