CPUC launches new Cash power service to prepay customers

CPUC Press Release 


October 2020 

CPUC has launched its electronic cash power service for customers that is now available at over 20 store locations across Chuuk. This provides convenience for customers to easily purchase Cash power at their nearest Retail store location without having to commute to the CPUC main office.    To purchase at a Retail store, unlike the CPUC office, the customer simply provides the meter number and the mobile phone number. The store clerk or cashier will send the cash power units to the customer mobile number, and the customer will receive it via an SMS notification on their mobile device. 

Not only does this offer convenience to its customers, it provides an environmentally friendly solution by eliminating the need for paper printing that goes to trash bins after use. Customers will also no longer need to wait in line or beat a time before CPUC closing as they can visit the nearest store location to purchase cashpower after hours.

This software solution that can be used both via a mobile and web application, and is provided by Tekconnec Inc. is the first of many improvement projects that CPUC is working on and we look forward to its success in Chuuk so that it can be utilized in other islands of Micronesia. 


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