Peniensene Community Water project receives Australian Direct Aid Program Grant

The Australian Embassy

Cropped IMG 6218The Australian Embassy congratulates Peniesene Community Water Infrastructure & Storage Development Project , a recent grant recipient of our Direct Aid Program (DAP).  Acting Deputy Head of Mission, Takuro Steele, presented a cheque for $19,251.20 to Richard Dereas for the project.  The community in Weno, Chuuk does not have access to metered water and has been relying on rainwater, rivers/stream to meet their needs at household level.  With the DAP assistance provided, the project will focus on improving access to water sources through the installation of water tanks and improved water piping which will also ensure that the community will be more resilient to periods of drought.  

DAP is a flexible, small grants scheme for development activities. DAP applications can be submitted year-round. For more information and to apply online, visit

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