Pohnpei Port Authority begins work to clean up sunken ships in the Transportation Zone

cvcvcvcvvvcscThe coastline in Dekehtik has been improved through a cleanup project that the Pohnpei Port Authority has implemented as part of their strategic plan of activities at the port. The photos below show a before and after scene of the area that has been cleaned up.  PPA staff worked to remove the sunken vessels that were part of an old Micronesian Longline Fishing Corporation (MLFC) fishing fleet but were sunk years ago.  Wrecks like this litter the Dekehtik landscape and PPA took the initiative to clean up this area to improve the site for the environment and for tourism purposes. PPA has other strategic plans to create a domestic dock for ships that are travelling to the outer islands and to dredge the turning basin to allow for cruise ships to maneuver safely during berthing at Pohnpei’s dock.  As PPA has full responsibility for improvements to the port, the Board of Directors of Pohnpei Port Authority, has approved a strategic plan that will lead PPA’s actions through 2023 and assist Pohnpei State with economic growth activities at the Port of Pohnpei.  According to General Manager Pius Roby, there are more sunken vessels alongside the Dekehtik causeway, outside of Transportation Zone.  PPA will work with the Pohnpei State Government to plan for the removal of these sunken vessels.