Ms. Patricia Jack-Jossien accepts post as the new NFC President/CEO

National Fisheries Cooperation (NFC)

The FSM NFC made history on November 27, 2020 when its Board of Directors voted Ms. Patricia Jack-Jossien to be the first ever female President/CEO of the Corporation in its 30 years of business. The post was vacated due to the untimely passing of the late Hon. Peter Sitan.  As a country, we ought to be proud of Jack-Jossien's achievement as FSM is working hard towards achieving gender equality. There are certain fields of profession that are predominantly male employees let alone leadership capacity and the fisheries sector is certainly one.

Jack-Jossien was previously working with the Parties to the Nauru Agreement at the PNA Office for almost eight (8) years prior to her accepting the post of Vice-President of NFC during Sitan's term in office. She was made interim President/CEO until her new appointment on November 27, 2020.

The NFC Board’s work is commended for this historic moment for the Corporation and the FSM as a whole.  Congratulations to the Board and the new NFC President/CEO Jack-Jossien, who reflects:

"It is with great honor and privilege that I accept this new post as the new NFC President/CEO. I want to thank the late Hon. Peter Sitan for acknowledging my potential in the area of fisheries to recruit me back to FSM from Majuro. My heartfelt gratitude to the Board of NFC for your confidence in me to carry on the great work that Sitan left off. I'm also thrilled to have broken the glass ceiling in this field for the Corporation and the FSM. My achievement is not only for me and my family but as a nation where we should encourage both contributions of men and women to continue to develop our great nation..."

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