Recover with Integrity

KOLONIA, POHNPEI- On December 9, 2020, Pohnpei joins the rest of the world in the celebration of the International Anti-Corruption Day at the Youth4-Change center. The event was jointly coordinated by the US Embassy, Youth-4-Change and the UN Joint Presence Office. This year’s theme is, “Recover with Integrity.” This is inclusive to the Covid-19 pandemic crisis we’re facing today.

Ms. Sophia Pretrick who delivered the keynote message emphasized that integrity is the key to rapid response and recovery. Sophia is currently on detail assignment at the FSM Office of the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (OPUA) under the FSM National Government Department of Finance and Administration, to assist in creating and maintaining integrity within OPUA through prevention, detection investigation and recovery of unemployment overpayment. Sophia further highlighted the importance of the government to work together with civil societies, NGO’s, private entities, youth groups, church and traditional groups including the public in anti-corruption activities. Working together in maintaining integrity is very important even in this unprecedented and difficult time. Although we are in an emergency crisis, we must make sure that no one is taking advantage of the system.

We should always do the right thing, the truthful way in everything we do regardless of who we are, where we are, what we do, we have the responsibility to be vigilant and on the look-out for fraud and corruption.

The US Embassy and Youth-4-Change did essay competitions and poetry contest for the youth members in their perception of what can you do to stop corruption?

Also present on that day was US Acting Chief of Missions, Somer Bessire-Brier, UN representative, Suzanne Lowe Gallen, Youth-4-Change President Diaz Joseph, Pohnpei Office of the Public Auditor staff and Youth-4-Change youth members.

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