Yap’s premier dive resort announces grand re-opening specials

Manta Ray Bay Resort Yap Divers Yap FSM 2Colonia, Yap- Falling backwards from the side of a boat into pristine, warm ocean waters is undoubtedly a recurring dream for divers around the world. The award-winning Manta Ray Bay Resort and Yap Divers on the remote Micronesian island of Yap is preparing to make those dreams come true once again.

“We’re offering not-to-be-missed packages for the moment when the island’s borders open up to welcome visitors back again,” announced Texas-born and bred Bill Acker, CEO and founder of Manta Ray.  In one of only eleven countries that are free of the COVID-19 virus, Yap’s premier resort is on the bucket list of divers around the world. And now it’s more affordable than ever.

“Although we don’t yet know when Yap’s borders will be opened, we want to be among the first to welcome divers back to the sport we all love,” said Bill. “That’s why we’re offering these great deals.”

Manta Ray’s Grand Re-opening Special offers for 2021 and 2022 include, for individual bookings for one to seven divers, three free nights when booking 7 nights/15 dives, 10 nights/24 dives, or 14 nights/33 dives. For groups of eight or more, get eight free spots for every 8 paid divers. “That’s right,” said Bill, “that’s not a typo. Pay for eight divers and come with 16!”

With over 9,000 dives in the waters of Yap, Bill is a member of the original class of SSI Platinum Pro Divers. As a PADI instructor, he remains active in exploring new dive sites and teaching the sport to people interested in sharing his love for the ocean environment.

“It’s been hard having to close our family-run resort for the last year, but we’re ready and anxious when the border opens to welcome visitors back to this beautiful island,” he said. “I’ve been having fun diving with my kids, but we all miss taking our guests out to plunge into the clear waters and magical canyons that surround Yap that this Texas Longhorn boy first discovered more than forty years ago.”

For more information, visit https://www.mantaray.com/grand-re-opening-special-offers/, follow Bill’s blog at https://www.mantaray.com/blog/ or go to @mantaraybay on Facebook.

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