FSM conducts “Holiday Hoops” high school basketball tournament

Alvie B. Cabañez

Kaselehlie Press Volunteer Contributor

image001For over a decade, the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) successfully conducted the annual Holiday Hoop’s Tournament last December 22- December 31, 2019. The purpose of the tournament is to provide socialization among student athletes and to keep them busy with basketball and away from alcohol and drugs.

All the games were played at the public gym during the week long tournament. It was highlighted by the exhibition game of the team’s coaches versus the technical committees. The awarding ceremony commenced immediately after the boy’s championship game between Chuuk High School (CHS) and Xavier School, where CHS won. The girl’s championship was played at an earlier match where Pohnpei Islands Central School (PICS) defeated Calvary Christian Academy (CCA).

All throughout the boy’s championship match, CHS has yet again proved how strong and defensive team they were. But Xavier School didn’t give up without a gallant fight. Both teams were neck and neck towards the end of the second quarter. However, on the second half of the match CHS pulled away with fifteen points that silenced the Xavier fans.

With the high-flying, Terno Phylon scoring almost at will, the Chuuk team steadily pulled away until they practically settled the issue with five minutes left in the fourth quarter when their lead ballooned to twenty points from the 3-point zone, well-placed pass, and one-handed alley-oop finish.

Athleticism, speed, strength, and talent, all of those are the true keys to becoming a good basketball player, but when you add creativity to that mix, that is when the good become great. These attributes were shown by the student athletes anchored by their passion for the sports.

Special awards were given to outstanding players who showcased leadership and sportsmanship inside and outside the court. In the Boy’s Division; KN and Praiser Edmund from Chuuk High School, Tabu

Saimon from Xavier School, Norton Sibanuz from SDA, and Prandson Lorette from Kosrae were among the Mythical Five recipients. In the Girl’s Division; Darla Carl from SDA, Judy Heine and Hailey Une from PICS, Leila Jade Lane from OLMCHS, and Mayren Wichep from CCA received the award. The Most Valuable Player (MVP) plum was awarded to Terno Phylon from CHS who finished with twenty points and Myranda Mickey from PICS who finished with thirteen points.

Chuuk High School took home the championship trophy. Xavier School in second place and Kosrae High School in third place. In the girl’s division, PICS emerged as the “Princess of Hoops”, CCA in second place and OLMCHS in third place.

The boy’s team was divided into two teams; Pool A and Pool B. The teams under Pool A were Chuuk High School, Kosrae High School, Nanpei Memorial High School (NMHS) 1 & 2, PICS 1, CCA. The teams under Pool B were Xavier School, Our Lady of Mercy Catholic High School (OLMCHS), PICS 2, Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) School, and Pohnpei Catholic School (PCS).

The tournament was organized by FSM Sports and Recreation Coordinator, Castro Joab, and by the aid from Pohnpei Sports Office, Department of Public Safety, Central Union for Young Adults (CUYA), school administrators, Kleen Kut, and Senator Ferny Perman.

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