Letter from late Acting AG Rachelle Haemmerling’s family to the people of Yap

Yap State Government

To our Dear Friends in Yap,

We will never be able to individually express our gratitude to the people of Yap, but we do want you to know how very much we appreciate you. We were overwhelmed with your kindness and generosity to our family while on the island. The lovely Memorial Service was one of the many ways you expressed your kindness to us. Words cannot express how touched we were with the outpouring of friends that attended the service and the amount of work that was poured into the preparation for the service. Your love for Rachelle and our family was displayed in so many acts of kindness—almost too many to mention.  There is a chance we will forget to mention our appreciation to some and for that we sincerely apologize.  We would like to express thanks to the following:

Those that provided all the tents and chairs for the service

The many people that set up all the tents, chairs and platform

Jeff and his company for providing cold water to everyone that attended

The sports complex for providing the platform

YMA for making the platform so beautiful with the lovely flowers

Thank you to all that spoke and gave honor to Rachelle: Pastor Mark Zimmer (Rachelle’s Pastor), Pastor John Zimmer (Rachelle’s former Youth Pastor), Consular Chief Tony Alexander (U.S. Embassy), Andy Waayan (AG’s Criminal Investigator), Laura Tiningdad and Martina Reichhardt (YMA), Mary Layan (representing coworkers of Rachelle), Leilani Lemaiyeg (representing friends of Rachelle), Norbert Kalau (Pacific Mission Aviation), Governor Henry Falan (Yap State Government)

Those who blessed us with music: Outer Island Church Choir, Harvest Baptist Bible College, Yap Baptist Youth and Children’s choir, Kids of Ruu Community and ALL the musicians

Diane and Jamie Zimmer for coordinating the Memorial Service and overseeing all the details, making the program and printing the bulletin

Yap Baptist for all their work on the program and printing all the programs. Coordinating the space to hold the service and the parking for all the vehicles

Thank you to the Manta Ray for the lovely accommodations and kindness to shown to us during our stay in Yap. You treat your guests so well!

The government of Yap for the provision of a vehicle to use during our stay

Local police, National Police for all our work on the case

The FBI and ALL their excellent work, their professionalism, kindness, protection and support to our family

Satawal Choir who sang to our family

Your expression of love through notes and gifts, words of encouragement, and many prayers

We know that our loss is your loss too. Thank you for making the Memorial Service a time for us to come together with you and grieve together over a beautiful life that ended so early. We are thankful that we have been able to meet so many of you that had a part in our daughter’s life.


Tom, Tammy, Ryan, Emily, and Nick Bergeron

Simon and Deesha Haemmerling

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