OCPA releases its blueprint for strengthened independence

Office of the Chuuk State Public Auditor


March 4, 2021

Chuuk—This is to announce the release of a blueprint for strengthened independence of the Office of the Chuuk State Public Auditor (OCPA). It includes an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, challenges, opportunities, and threats to the independence of the OCPA, and the formulation of corresponding strategies and plan for implementation that can help overcome or address such challenges and threats.

The important role of the public auditor’s office is to contribute and help in promoting efficiency, accountability, effectiveness, and transparency of public administration. Among others, the auditor’s office helps the government to improve performance, enhance transparency, ensure accountability, maintain credibility, fight corruption, promote public trust, and foster the efficient and effective receipt and use of public resources for the value and benefits of their citizens.

The fact is that the public auditor’s office can accomplish its tasks more objectively and effectively only if it is independent and protected against any influence.

Thus, the overall objective of the OCPA in this task is to pursue and achieve greater independence thru its legal (legal framework- constitutional and law) and its day-day-operation. The basic strategies include the following:

Develop and implement enhancements in the legal framework (especially in the public auditor’s act) and in actual operations to provide for greater independence

Implement a communication strategy. Advocate and engage with relevant stakeholders.

Prepare and implement an audit strategic plan

Request for the approval of budget for the right size of manpower for the office considering its mandate

Monitor the independence, prepare to be accountable and lead by example.

With greater independence coupled with the right resources and right number of qualified and trained manpower, the OCPA would be able to deliver an effective value and benefits that can reasonably contribute to making a difference to the lives of Chuuk State citizens.

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