Annual Rotary Club of Pohnpei Fun Run

It was a rainy day on March 12, 2016, when the Annual Rotary Club Fun Run took place.
In fact it is always a rainy day. It has rained for the last seven consecutive years, without fail. We moved the run to St. Patrick’s Day to avoid a rainy February. This year, we are in the middle of a drought, with water rationing going on and it still rained. Still this is Pohnpei, so we are all tough and used to the rain.
The Run took place as scheduled with about 100 brave and hardy souls out to compete against the elements. Some people were almost blown into the lagoon on the causeway, when the wind picked up, but all of the competitors returned safely.
The winners of the various divisions are as follows:
Overall Winner
(M) Drew Jack 19:26
(F) Reloliza Saimon 24.:46
Master Division (50+)
(M) T homas Nilsson 2 6 : 4 9
(F) Paula Nilsson 28:39
18 and Under
(M) MJ Ioanis 19:33
(F) Sulani David 32:44
12 and Under
(M) Kyler Kihleng 34:17
(F) Khloe Boylston 1:24:15
Each of the winners received a trophy provided by the FSM NOC.
However, all of the participants are winners. The top 10 finishers received cups and hats from Moylan’s Insurance. The event drew a lot of youth, so that is very important.
No run or event is possible without our sponsors and helpers. We want to thank Ambros, Inc. (Guam) for providing the run t-shirts; Palm Terrace Shopping Centre, for the venue and donations; FSM NOC for supplying the trophies and organizing the run; Pohnpei Ace Hardware; Moylan’s Insurance; Pohnpei State Police Department; Kolonia Town Police, Nett Municipal Police; Drops of Life, Island Food Community; INS and the Kaselehlie Press. Our sponsors were great and so many people helped out that the run came off without a hitch.
The Rotary Club of Pohnpei organizes this run each year as a fundraiser. It is to raise money for Rotary Club projects. Last year the Club awarded $11,300.00 in scholarships to FSM College students. The Club also donated to help finish the playground at the Pohnpei Public Library, built toilets at a Sokehs Community Center, and recently just completed a major project to put solar panels on the Sapwalap Elementary School. These are just a few of the projects your Rotary Club is involved in. Your money is being put to good use, and we are happy the fundraiser was a success.
Thanks to all of the participants who took the time to exercise in the rain (once again). Many thanks to our sponsors and all of those who helped out, including all the Rotarians. See you next year, (bring an umbrella).