Education Corner 16 - Training Awaits New Leadership

 APRIL 2016 - In the last EC we explained the Data for Decision Making project (DDP) where all the Pohnpei Elementary Teachers tested themselves in the five sciences and five social studies. These are to be taught every year and every grade. The teachers did this to find their weakest areas, openly admit to the weak subjects and ask their Principal for training for improvement. The DDP also surveyed the curriculum material available to students in the sciences and social studies. The DDP operated under the idea that improved teachers will improve students’ learning, Further when teachers have curriculum materials for students to practice reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in English, the all important ESL skills will be enhanced and Pohnpei student scores in reading comprehension will improve dramatically. Throughout the process have always believed that teachers requesting training was proof of motivation and part of the answer to the claim teachers are unmotivated.

Readers will recall that the PDOE requires teachers to teach subjects they have not had in their college coursework. It’s really about On-going Teacher Training that fills in missed content in past coursework and well as updating teachers in recent developments in earth, space, marine, life, environmental sciences as well as physical science and technology. We further tested and surveyed the history, geography, economics, culture and the civics and government standards and made recommendations for both training and curriculum materials development.
However the On-going Teacher Training Program has stalled somewhat while the State of Pohnpei waits for a new Director of Education and a forceful push forward. The Education Corner column was established to follow our principals and teachers through testing and the training and therefore we are at a temporary standstill.
Since Womack and Associates (2015) is not presently doing training the column will be continued by me, and will cover other topics until On-going Teacher Training commences. As we wait the training there are already enough other topics readers have suggested so we won’t bury the Education Corner just yet. For now I just will not claim the column is helped by my Associates so we will only blame me for any headwinds created my opinion I may put forth.
Maybe we could start with—Should Directors of Health, Education and Public Safety be changed with each Gubernatorial Election?
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