Pohnpei Police arrest former Pohnpei cabinet member Lucas Carlos

By Bill Jaynes
The Kaselehlie Press
June 9, 2016
Pohnpei, FSM—Former Director of Public Safety Lucas Carlos was arrested yesterday after an investigation led by the Pohnpei Governor’s Office, the State Auditor’s office and the Department of Public Safety led police to believe that Carlos had allegedly committed fraud and embezzlement.
The Pohnpei State Attorney General’s office was not notified until after the arrest had happened.
Captain Edmund, Pohnpei’s Acting Chief of Police said that Carlos was arrested and was later released.
According to an official at the Attorney General’s office, it is not unusual for police to make an arrest and then present the results of their investigations to the Attorney General’s office for possible formal charges. Charges have not yet been formally filed.

The investigation that led to the arrest alleges that as part of his official duties, former Director Carlos traveled to Palau in late 2014 to attend two separate trainings. The evidence says that the trainings ran simultaneously and that it was therefore impossible that former Director Carlos attended both. The investigation further alleges that Mr. Carlos requested and received funding from Pohnpei State Government but then never attended the training.
The State Auditor’s office had also been investigating allegations that Mr. Carlos repeatedly used state prisoners and employees from the Department of Corrections to farm his crops of sakau and yams, as well as to manage his property at times when he was off island.
“This investigation is part of a new directive from the Governor to investigate and prosecute all reports of fraud and abuse within the Pohnpei State Government in a timely and active manner” said a source close to the Governor’s office. “In addition, this is the sort of activity that the Government of Pohnpei is no longer going to allow of its employees.”
The source, who requested anonymity, was quick to add that there are other investigations being pursued, and further arrests are anticipated.” Formal charges are expected to be filed against Mr. Carlos by the Attorneys General’s Office later in the month.
“I have to follow the law,” said Governor Peterson this afternoon after a signing ceremony for the Liduduhniap Falls tourism project. “I have to do this, even if it sometimes involves family.”