Pohnpei police ask for leads in what may be the murder of a Palikir man

By Bill Jaynes
The Kaselehlie Press
June 9, 2016
Palikir, Pohnpei—Police are currently conducting a murder investigation into the death of Relent Hadley who was 31 years old. Hadley went by the nickname, “Katar”.
Early on Monday morning, June 6, Pohnpei State Police received a call that Hadley’s body had been found under one of the bridges in Palikir not far from the FSM Capitol complex.
One woman who lives nearby reported having seen him the night before he was found in what she thought was a highly intoxicated state. At that time he was headed toward the bridge which is an open bridge with no guard rails. The next morning he was dead beneath the bridge.
While many of the people in the surrounding homes thought that his death had been by accidental drowning after falling into the river and being knocked out, police thought otherwise.
Captain Edmund, currently the Acting Chief of Police said that the family would not allow an autopsy, but the injuries reported by the Pohnpei State Hospital led police to believe that Hadley had potentially been murdered. He said that X-Ray results and the small amount of water in his lungs did not add up to accidental death.
Two detectives have been assigned the task of finding the alleged murderer. They have interviewed people who live nearby but so far they have no leads.
Captain Edmund has asked for assistance from the community. “If anyone has any information about the death of Relent Hadley, we urge them to contact detectives at the Pohnpei State Police Department.”
For now, an alleged and currently unidentified killer is at large.